Missed item

Remember that many clients have cameras installed at home, and therefore can watch you as you clean their property, even when they are not at the premises.

If eMop receive a complaint from a client that items have gone missing during cleaning, they the following procedure will take place:

  • We will collect evidence from the client about the missing items;
  • We will inform you officially about the situation by email;
  • We check your balance and put on hold any payments up to £250 until the dispute is resolved (in accordance with our Terms and Conditions);
  • If the complaint is upheld, then we will agree with the client the amount of compensation;
  • We deactivate you from the eMop Platform and make the final payout expect the amount up to £250 which will cover the cost of missed item.
  • If the complaint is not upheld they we will release the £250 back to your eMop account.

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