Сancellation Policy

The eMop platform is designed to be as flexible as possible. We can understand that changes may occur. However, customers should not suffer because of last-minute cancellations by eMoppers. If you cancel a job less than 24 hours before the start time, you will be subject to late cancellation fees. You can find the eMoppers Cancellation Policy in your Service Agreement on the Mobile App.

What about the eMoppers’ safety?

Cleaners and customers’ safety at work is our priority. Before cleaning we will provide you with the customer’s details, rating and feedback from other cleaners (unless the customer is new). Therefore, you will know what to expect from the customer. After the cleaning is completed, the customer account is automatically charged online. This avoids you taking cash and getting involved in any potential issues associated with non-payment. You will also have the opportunity to rate your customer after each job. If you feel unsafe at a customer’s home, please exit the property immediately and contact eMop Support Desk via Text.

How do I become a cleaner with eMop?

You can apply for the position of as one of our cleaners via our website.

The requirements are the following:

  • At least 1 year experience in domestic cleaning;
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.

You will be contacted to fix a telephone interview. Please make sure you read eMop rules before the interview.

 Please note that  you will be required to pay a £20 deposit before joining the platform. 

After you have paid the deposit, we will provide you with access to the mobile App where you will pick up all your jobs and we will schedule your first test cleaning job with a client.

About eMop platform

eMop is an online app that connects customers and professional cleaners. eMop acts as a powerful platform arranging fast and high-quality service for the customers, where safety is our priority.

Cleaners work as independent cleaning partners. They access the eMop platform via eMop mobile App where they pick up customers’ orders that have been booked via the eMop website.

I was removed from the eMop platform

eMop sets up high customer standards and expects eMoppers to follow these guidelines.  This helps us to keep customers satisfied and to provide eMoppers with ongoing jobs. Therefore, we are very strict about any unprofessional behavior.Here are a few reasons why you may be deactivated and removed from the eMop platform:

  • not meeting contractual commitments;
  • customers’ complaints about inappropriate behaviour;
  • stealing;
  • not showing for the job.

You can learn eMop’s requirements for the eMopppers in your eMopppers’ Service Agreement.

What kinds of checks do I have to pass to become a cleaner with eMop?

Before you can start working with eMop, you will need to provide a list of documents. You will need to register and upload a photo of your documents on the website www.emop.co.uk

After the interview, you will have your first test job. If the customer is happy with the cleaning, it is paid and you can have an access to all the cleaning bookings on the App. If we receive a negative feedback, you are not paid for the job and you will be deactivated from the platform. Its as simple as that. Customer satisfaction is key to all our success.