I have a dispute with the time taken to clean the property

We send a text message to the client when the job begins and when the job ends. In a case where you don’t agree with these timings, please get in touch with us at support@emop.world and we will update the time spent according to your records. Incorrect timings can appear due to an eMopper’s poor Internet reception when selecting to ‘Start’ or ‘Finish’ the job on our App, meaning the data was written incorrectly to our system.

I was charged a different amount then the original estimated amount

When you made a booking, our system estimated how much time we need to clean your property. Then, when the job was completed, we charged you according to the real time an eMopper worked. Therefore, the final payment can be less or more than the estimated amount.  eMoppers are allowed to work estimated time plus one more hour. If they need more time, they must with the customer and ask eMop support update to the time of the booking. This information is provided in confirmation emails sent to the client.