Can you move furniture, clean there and put the furniture back?

Please keep in mind that moving heavy interior objects and cleaning in places with restricted access are not included in our service. If your furniture is not particularly heavy and one person can easily move it, we can make that happen for you. Leave a specific comment about this need while making a booking.

Can you clean and rearrange items?

Yes, we can. Our standard cleaning includes rearranging items by room and putting them back to the correct place. If you need the cleaner to rearrange your things differently, please give them specific instructions upon their arrival. Leave a comment when booking if you need a specific rearranging of items and choose a higher level of dirtiness.

Do cleaners bring their own cleaning products?

Yes, if you purchase it as an add-on. Cleaners have all the required cleaning products for all different types of surfaces. These products work well on most surface types. However, some surfaces/stains may require specialist-cleaning products. In such cases, we cannot guarantee our cleaning products will be suitable for this. Please note that your eMopper will not provide, a hoover, bucket and mop. You will need to have these items available at your home.

The cleaner was late

We understand that your time is valuable.  If the cleaner is late, they are requested to inform the customer to avoid the inconvenience.

When the cleaner delays the start time of the cleaning appointment by more than 30 minutes (but no more than 1 hour), a customer can request a discount which can be spent in their next order.

If the cleaner is more than 1 hour late, we will cancel your booking and offer you to make a new booking. You will be provided a bonus to be used for your next cleaning to compensate the inconvenience caused.

The cleaner acted unprofessionally

Cleaners are required to maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. If the cleaner acted unprofessionally, that can have a negative effect on our clients’ trust. We apologize for this and encourage you to contact us ASAP by email and include a detailed description of what went wrong together with pictures etc.

I am not satisfied with the cleaning service

We do our best to make our clients happy and keep working on improving the quality of our service. However, if you are not satisfied with how your home was cleaned, please, let us know as soon as possible and tell us what exactly went wrong. Please write to our Support Desk, and attach photos to show us exactly what was wrong. Be advised that we cannot accept complaints later than 48 hours after the cleaning took place. After the investigation of the case, we may send one of our supervisors to re-clean the missed areas for free. eMop doesn’t provide any refunds for our service, that is why we strongly recommend:

  • If you are at home during the cleaning, always check how the job was done at the end of the cleaning. The cleaner will clean the places that you thought were not cleaned well enough again at your request.
  • If you are not home at the end of cleaning it might be more difficult to prove that the job was done incorrectly. Please be sure someone can check how the cleaning was done before the cleaner leaves your home.

Dispute a cancellation or rescheduling fee

We believe that your time is valuable, that is why there is the Cancellation Policy for both our clients and our eMoppers.

When you cancel or reschedule a job a few hours before the start time or at the last minute, it becomes inconvenient for eMoppers as they may lose their earnings. Your cancellation fees cover eMoppers’ time and eMop platform costs.

Please read our Cancellation Policy before cancelling the booking.


Dispute ‘A Customer No-Show Up’ fee

A ‘No show up’ fee means that the eMopper arrived at the booking location, waited for over 30 minutes, tried to contact the client a several times whilst waiting, and has informed eMop about the issue. Nobody has let the eMopper in to the property and the client didn’t pick up the phone. In these cases we charge the client a cancellation fee according to our Cancellation Policy.

If you believe there is any confusion, please get in touch with us



How do I pay for cleaning?

We accept debit and credit cards only. Payment is made on our website via a secure 3rd party provider. Funds will only be taken from your card once the job has been completed.
However, please note that as soon as the booking is confirmed, the estimated amount of the job is pre-autorised on your card to be sure the payment will go through after the cleaning job is completed.