Can I change something in the booking?

At the moment you can change the comments in your upcoming bookings and write everything you require: please add info about extra rooms or instructions about how to get to your property. Please be aware that the eMop system charges clients for the real duration of the cleaning which is likely to be more than the estimate in this case. However, if the cleaner has bookings after yours, then they may not be able to give you any additional time.

The job I booked has not been completed

When you book the service, our system estimates the duration of the cleaning. However, each property is different. That is why cleaners are asked to work within the estimated time plus one hour. If the cleaner requires more time for the cleaning than the system has estimated plus the one hour, she/he will inform us and you about this. If you do not  want to go ahead with the extra time that the cleaner needs, then you can choose to ask the cleaner to stop, when the estimated time plus one hour ends. In this case, she/he may not be able to complete the cleaning of all of the rooms that you originally booked, which will explain the incomplete service.

Can I book the same cleaner again?

Our system doesn’t offer this option at the moment. However, if you prefer to book a previous cleaner please leave a comment as you book. If the eMopper is available at the day and time requested in your booking, we will ask this person to accept your booking. Should you wish to have regular bookings with a preferred cleaner, please refer to the Cleaning Plans section on our website.

I need a cleaner urgently for today

You can book a service 4 hours in advance. If you need a cleaner to arrive earlier, just indicate that in your ‘comments’ section when making your booking! As soon as you place the booking, your job will become available for all eMop cleaners. When someone accepts your booking, you will receive an email confirmation. Otherwise, the system will automatically cancel the booking 3 hours before the requested start time; you will be sent a notification email. We will not need to refund you as we only take payment after a job is completed. The blocked estimated amount on your card will be released straight away after the booking is cancelled.

I need to cancel a booking

If you need to cancel your booking for whatever reason, you can do it in My Account and go to the ‘Upcoming bookings’ section on our website. Please be aware that you may be required to pay a fee for late cancellation. Please see our Cancellation Policy. When you cancel a job a few hours before the start time or at the last minute, our eMoppers lose their income and it disrupts their schedule. Your cancellation fees cover cleaners’ compensation.

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can only be completed via our website and the payment is made via our secure payment provider. The booking process is very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. To make a booking, we ask for some personal details (your name, phone number, your address) and your payment information (we accept payment by credit or debit card only). Please be aware that we will only charge you when the cleaning has been completed. However, when you make a booking, we will block out the estimated amount on your card to be sure your payment will be processed. After the cleaning, the final cost is charged to your card details, and the difference between the estimated and factual amount will be reflected as a refund or extra charge on your account.