Can a cleaner pick up the keys?

If you need a cleaner to pick up a key for your property somewhere, please tick the box about keys in your booking and leave detailed guidelines how to access them. We ask you to be accessible by phone before the cleaning in the case of a cleaner having issues getting into your property.

Please be advised that if the cleaner needs to pick the keys, the timing of your cleaning service will be extended for the time required to pick up the keys if they are not stored in the same building.

Do I need to be at home during the cleaning?

When you make a booking, you’ll be able to leave comments if you are “not going to be at home”. However, someone should give the cleaner access to the property prior to the cleaning.

Also, be aware that if you are not at home, it might be difficult to prove that the cleaning didn’t meet your expectations because you had no chance to check the job at the place before the cleaner left your home.

Please bear in mind that if the cleaner is not able to get inside the property, you may be charged according to our Cancellation Policy.

How are clients matched with cleaners?

When you make a booking with eMop, your order becomes available for all cleaners who have access to the eMop platform. Cleaners decide themselves what jobs to accept. Sometimes cleaners may ask for a different times that the ones booked by the client. In this case we contact the client and reschedule the booking so it is suitable for both parties.

Who are the cleaners?

Cleaners are private individuals who have access to the eMop platform and accept cleaning work via the eMop app. Before joining the eMop platform, cleaners must provide eMop with adequate criminal check certificates or apply for one if never done before. Being a 3rd party agent, eMop only cooperates with individuals with no prior criminal records. Cleaners are also trained to follow eMop’s cleaning standards and general rules.

How can I contact the eMop platform?

We communicate with clients by email or Live Chat to handle the majority of cases. Please provide us with as many details as possible to get a quick response. We normally answer within 24 hours of the request. Should the enquiry be urgent, you will be contacted as soon as possible. We don’t provide phone support as we don’t have a specialized call canter. If you wish to talk by to us by phone, write us in the Chat or by email and we will contact you between 9 am and 5 pm. Our Support Desk will be happy to help you as soon as we receive your request.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We believe that time is valuable for everyone, therefore our Cancellation Policy applies to both our clients and eMoppers. When you cancel a job a few hours before the start time or at the last minute, cleaners lose their income and it disrupts their schedule. Your cancellation fees provide compensation to the cleaners. Please read our Cancellation Policy before cancelling a booking.

What about the insurance and the guarantee?

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT OUR LIABILITY IS LIMITED FOR DAMAGE BY THE COST OF YOUR CLEANING AND WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ITEMS THAT ARE NOT SECURED PROPERLY OR THAT WERE DAMAGED PRIOR TO OUR CLEANING. (Example: heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, any type of floating shelves, etc.) Items of value, (monetary or sentimental) should be stored away and dusted & cleaned by the owner. In the unlikely event that something is damaged you will be required to contact our support team immediately in order to submit a formal claim request through our insurers.  Our insurance covers any damage or missed items with the cost over £250. Anything below this price will be covered from the cleaner’s payment.

What is the difference between eMop and a cleaning agency?


eMop is not a cleaning agency that assigns cleaners to specific orders. eMop is a powerful platform that aims to match your cleaning requirements with an eMopper by providing a quick simple and secure 24/7 booking process which allows you to book your either in advance or on the same day. At the same time, eMop also acts as a 3rd party provider that ensures the quality of services, peace of mind and safety for both customers and cleaners.