Something was damaged or went missing

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT OUR LIABILITY IS LIMITED TO THE COST OF YOUR CLEANING AND WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS OF ITEMS THAT ARE NOT SECURED PROPERLY OR THAT WERE DAMAGED PRIOR TO OUR CLEANING. (Example: heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, any type of floating shelves, etc.) Items of value, (monetary or sentimental) should be stored away and dusted & cleaned by the owner.  In the unlikely event that something is damaged you will be required to contact our Support team immediately in order to submit a formal claim request through our insurers.

Can a cleaner pick up the keys?

If you need a cleaner to pick up a key for your property somewhere, please tick the box about keys in your booking and leave detailed guidelines how to access them. We ask you to be accessible by phone before the cleaning in the case of a cleaner having issues getting into your property.

Please be advised that if the cleaner needs to pick the keys, the timing of your cleaning service will be extended for the time required to pick up the keys if they are not stored in the same building.

Can I change something in the booking?

At the moment you can change the comments in your upcoming bookings and write everything you require: please add info about extra rooms or instructions about how to get to your property. Please be aware that the eMop system charges clients for the real duration of the cleaning which is likely to be more than the estimate in this case. However, if the cleaner has bookings after yours, then they may not be able to give you any additional time.