Do you provide end of tenancy cleaning?

eMop professional end of tenancy cleaning follows strict company procedures and guidelines to ensure you receive the highest level of service. Please be aware that THE DEFAULT LEVEL OF DIRT FOR END OF TENANCY CLEANING IS medium as this will allow the cleaner the time needed to perform a deep clean. Please check eMop guidelines here


Can you move furniture, clean there and put the furniture back?

Please keep in mind that moving heavy interior objects and cleaning in places with restricted access are not included in our service. If your furniture is not particularly heavy and one person can easily move it, we can make that happen for you. Leave a specific comment about this need while making a booking.

Can you clean and rearrange items?

Yes, we can. Our standard cleaning includes rearranging items by room and putting them back to the correct place. If you need the cleaner to rearrange your things differently, please give them specific instructions upon their arrival. Leave a comment when booking if you need a specific rearranging of items and choose a higher level of dirtiness.

Do cleaners bring their own cleaning products?

Yes, if you purchase it as an add-on. Cleaners have all the required cleaning products for all different types of surfaces. These products work well on most surface types. However, some surfaces/stains may require specialist-cleaning products. In such cases, we cannot guarantee our cleaning products will be suitable for this. Please note that your eMopper will not provide, a hoover, bucket and mop. You will need to have these items available at your home.