How often should I check for orders?

Once you have turned on your status as ‘online’ in your eMop App, you can accept all new orders. You’ll receive a push-notification whenever new orders turn up and will be able to view them on the app. You need to make a decision quickly when you see a new order in the app. Other cleaners can pick up the job also, while you’re still thinking about it. At the same time, keep in mind the Cancellation Policy and think carefully before accepting orders.

If you see no new requests from customers, it means there aren’t any available orders at the moment. Wait for a while; new orders will come soon.

If you don’t receive any push-notifications, check your setting in the phone to allow to receive them to from eMop.

What’s the Insurance Policy?

The eMop insurance policy covers costs for death or bodily injury, or damage to third party property arising in the course of your business including the supply of products (Public & Products liability).

The insurance policy excludes the first £250. Therefore, the cleaners, being independent contractors, are responsible for damages up to £250.

In case a cleaner does not admit the fault, eMop makes a decision based on the evidence supplied by a customer and a cleaner.

eMop doesn’t cover any damage even above £250 if you have used non-authorized cleaning products . In the case of damage less £250 the cleaner will compensate the client’s invoice themselves or the relevant amount can be deducted from the upcoming eMop payments.

What is the difference between eMop and a cleaning agency?

eMop is an agent that connects customers and professional cleaners. We are a platform that allows customers to request cleaning services working alongside with you, our independent cleaners that can pick up these orders. At the same time, eMop acts as a third-party provider that promotes high standards of quality, safety and an accurate price list of the services we provide to our customers.