Cleaning materials charge

When we activate a new eMopper, we provide him/her with a cleaning kit that includes all the necessary cleaning products for work. The fee for this package will be withdrawn from your account when you earn at least £100 with eMop Cleaning Service Platform.

The cost of the cleaning kit is £30. We draw your attention to the fact that according to the eMopper Service Agreement you can only use cleaning supplies given to you by eMop. You may receive a fine if you break this rule.

‘No Show Up’ penalty fee

eMop has a strict policy concerning failure to arrive at customer’s home. If you missed the job and never informed eMop and the client that you were unable to do the job in advance it does not make a good impression on yourself and the company. Therefore, we have no tolerance for the “no show” cases.

Under such circumstances, you will be charged the full price of the estimated booking and you will be deactivated from the eMop platform forever.

If you believe a mistake has been made, and that you were incorrectly charged a penalty, please contact the eMop Support Desk.

Late arrival penalty fee

To be on time is a key factor when providing professional service. It is very important that you arrive on time to meet the client’s expectations.

If you arrive 30 minutes late after the booking start time and don’t check-in at the start of work, you risk receiving a penalty of 1hr.

If you understand that you may be late for more than 1 hour, contact eMop Support Desk immediately, we will reschedule or cancel the booking. In this case, you will receive a fine according to the Cancellation Policy but will be able to continue working with the eMop platform. In a situation where you do not inform the client and the Support Desk about your delay, we apply the ‘No show Up’ penalty fee.

If you believe a mistake has been made, and that you were incorrectly charged a penalty, please contact the eMop Support Desk.

Late cancellation penalty fee

Every time an eMopper refuses to attend a confirmed job last minute before the job it causes us great inconvenience. It can prove difficult to find another eMopper to replace you and in these cases, we must cancel the cleaning and provide compensation to the client. All penalty fees including the late cancellation penalty fee are explained in the eMopper Service Agreement and in the Cancellation Policy, which each eMopper agrees to before starting work with the eMop Cleaning Service Platform.

If you believe a mistake has been made, and you were incorrectly charged a penalty, please contact the eMop Support Desk.

Criminal check fee

eMop charges a fee for a criminal disclosure check. This fee will be withdrawn from your account when you have worked and earned a balance over £100.

When you are uploading your documents on the website, we ask you about your background information, relying on your honesty. The criminal check status is checked later after you have been authorised. Please keep in mind that if you have not been honest about any criminal activities, we will not only withdraw the fee from your account but also deactivate you from the eMop platform.

If you have a criminal check document, please, send or bring us a copy of this document. In this case, we will not need to do a criminal check for you.

How can I receive my deposit back?

If you decide to leave the platform, you can get your deposit back.

  • If eMop has withdrawn money for your cleaning kit before you decide to leave, you receive you deposit back in full volume.
  • If you decide to leave eMop only after one or two completed jobs, we will take some money for used cleaning products (£10-£30) in case you bring the backpack with the cleaning products back to eMop’s office. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we kindly ask you to return the backpack clean and with all the bottles provided at the skills assessment.
  • If you completed over two jobs and decided to leave eMop, you will be deducted a full amount of the cleaning kit (£30). In this case you don’t need to bring the backpack to the office. Your rest £10 will be transferred to your bank account together with all the money you earned on eMop platform.


At the interview we provide you with the backpack of cleaning products and the uniform. To be sure that you are a reliable partner and intend to work with us, we ask you to provide us with a refundable deposit of £40. If you disappear after you join eMop (that happens sometimes), the deposit will cover eMop’s cost for the backpack, the uniform and the cleaning products. Also, if you accept a job and cancel it in the last minute, eMop can use your deposit to cover the penalty fee if you don’t have enough money on your balance.

The balance of the deposit has always to be £40 to be eligible to accept jobs.

If you decide to leave eMop Platform after authorization your deposit will be given back to you.