I cannot find the Mobile App in Apple Store or Play Store

You can download the Mobile App only from the UK’ Stores.

If you do not see the Mobile App in your Apple/Play store, then you will need to change your current store to the UK store.

Here is the link for Google Play and here is for Apple Store. If you still have difficulty, then please contact the eMop support team.

Why does the amount of ‘next payout’ is different with my balance?

eMop pays your weekly for the completed week, 9 days after the week is closed. This weekly payment is available on main screen of the ‘Finance’ section in your App.

The balance is all your money which are on your balance in eMop’s App which haven’t been paid yet. As soon as eMop transfers money to your bank account, this amount is removed from your App and your balance decreased for this paid amount.