About Us

About eMop

eMop is a powerful London based online platform that connects customers and cleaners.

We ensure the quality of services, peace of mind and safety for both customers and cleaners alike.

We make our cleaning service affordable for everyone by letting you choose according to your exact needs with a “pay as you go” model.

The quick, simple and secure booking process allows you to have a high-quality bespoke cleaning service, 24/7.

At eMop we live by a number of principles:

  • Fair trade, which is why you pay for the completed job and cleaners receive a fair payment for their work.
  • Saving the environment is vital to us all, which is why, at eMop, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products as part of our standard service. This means it’s not only safe for you, your loved ones and pets, but safe for our cleaners as well, who work regularly with these products.

Our Story

eMop’s co-founder, Julia Ponomareva, worked as a part-time cleaner back in 2006 while studying in New York. She very much enjoyed her part-time work and kept it throughout her studies. Julia believes that if there is chaos in your mind, the best way to put your thoughts in order is to do cleaning. It was at this time in her life that the ideas that led to the formation of eMop started to develop.

In 2017, these ideas led to the creation of the eMop platform when Julia shared her student experience with Denis Gromov, who now leads the company’s IT operations. The two combined their backgrounds and enthusiasm to create eMop.

They believe everyone can make an impact that can change other people’s lives. By creating a fair, bespoke and eco-friendly service, they changed how cleaning services are delivered to you.

eMop’s simple and secure booking process allows you to have a high-quality bespoke cleaning service, 24/7.

Our Team

We are a multi-national team and our headquarters is in London.

We speak not only English, but also other languages including, French, Chinese, and Russian.

Our team is located around the world and consists of people from different professional and cultural backgrounds. This diversity helps us to think creatively and keep improving our services.