I am lost

Before starting your journey to the client’s home, check the area using an online map. If you are unsure about the location, please contact the client directly to verify the details. Pay attention to the comments on the actual order. Sometimes clients leave the correct address or additional information in the comments section.

Again, If you are going to be late then please contact the customer directly to let them know the situation. It will reduce any negative ratings you may receive from the customer and avoid the late arrival fee.

Can I reschedule the accepted job?

Unfortunately, no. However, you can report to the eMop in Text to find out customer’s availability to reschedule the job. If the time of the job cannot be changed and you need to cancel, please review the section ‘Fees & Compensations’ in your App before cancellation to avoid any unexpected penalty fees.

How can I see the job details?

You can find all the details about a job (eg. postcode, address, estimated duration and estimated payment, cleaning items, date and time) in the ‘New Orders’ section when you review a new job on the App.

To ensure customers’ privacy, we disclose their details such as a name and contact phone 3 hours before the start time. That will allow you to plan your route in advance and to contact the customer if needed.

The customer cancelled the order while I was on my way there or just arrived

This may happen sometimes. In this case, you will be paid anyway. We have a Cancellation Policy for customers as well as for cleaners. You will receive the compensation according to the Cancellation Policy. Review the section ‘Fees & Compensations’ to find out the amount of your compensation.