Cancellation Policy

Time is valuable for both clients and eMoppers. That is why we have introduced a Cancellation Policy for both clients and eMoppers, which also covers rescheduling.  By accepting our terms and conditions you accept the conditions set out in this cancellation policy.

If a client cancels a job less than 12 hours before the start time or at the last minute, our eMoppers lose their income and it messes with their schedule. Clients’ cancellation fees cover eMoppers’ time and the eMop platform’s costs.



Cancellation/Rescheduling between 6-24 hours before the start time if eMopper is assigned


Cancellation/Rescheduling 6 hours less than the start time if eMopper is assigned


No Show Up. 

If eMopper arrives, but the client is not reachable within 30 minutes and the eMopper cannot access the client’s property.*


Subscription cancellation at any time, if the orders within your subscription are picked up by a cleaner

* Fee applied only if an eMopper reported the case to eMop and provided a print screen with unanswered calls to the client and pictures of the door of the client’s property.

 Updated 19.05.2021