Why does the amount of ‘next payout’ is different with my balance?

eMop pays your weekly for the completed week, 9 days after the week is closed. This weekly payment is available on main screen of the ‘Finance’ section in your App.

The balance is all your money which are on your balance in eMop’s App which haven’t been paid yet. As soon as eMop transfers money to your bank account, this amount is removed from your App and your balance decreased for this paid amount.


Will I be paid if the customer cancels or doesn’t show up?

It may happen that you have arrived on time, but the client is not at home, and you are unable to contact them. In this case, we recommend you wait at up to 30 minutes and keep calling a customer. If you cannot reach the customer, report to Telegram about the issue. We will close the job and compensate you according to the compensation rates which you can find in Docs -> Fees&Compensations

I was paid the wrong amount

If your payment amount doesn’t match with the completed work you have done, please, double check your transaction history to be sure you were not charged any fees.

If you still believe your payment is incorrect, please, please send us an email to emopper@emop.world with details what exactly was wrong and we will reply you within 3 business days.

When do I get paid?

eMop processes payment every Tuesday, 9 days later after the reported week.

Each week, eMop calculates the jobs you have completed from the Monday to Sunday a week before.

On the main screen of your ‘Finance’ section’ you can find the date of the upcoming payment, the amount and the period you will be paid for.


By pressing ‘Next payout to the bank’ you can find transactions included in your upcoming payout

My payment for the job has been decreased

We charge clients and pay you according to the actual time you spend at the client’s home. A customer receives a text message when you pressed ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’.  Please be aware that in some cases the client can state that the start and finish times are incorrect, at this point we always take the clients word and we shall proceed to re-calculate the timings. Please understand that you always should ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ accurately according to the actual time you stay at the client’s property.