The level of dirt doesn’t match with reality

When you arrive at the client’s property and realise that the level of cleaning does not match your booking, and you feel it will take much more time than the estimated time plus one hour, please contact the eMop and inform us immediately. Also, inform the client that you will need more time to clean the property. At this point, do everything that is required, the client will be charged according total time you clean at their property.


The client asks me to do something extra that hasn’t been booked

Sometimes the client may ask you to do something extra that hasn’t been booked, for example, cleaning windows or a living room that they forgot to include in the booking or decided to include when you arrived. Remember that time is the priority. Explain to the client that the cleaning will take more than the estimated time. If you have limited time due to your next bookings, explain to the client that you did not plan to spend extra time and cannot commit to the extra work. Always inform the eMop via the Text in case you need more than the estimated time +1 hour.

The client’s address on the Mobile App is incorrect

Always check comments on the eMop App before deciding that the address is incorrect. If there are no comments and the address details appears to be correct but you still csan’t find the property, call the customer to verify the location. If you cannot reach the customer after 3 attempts, contact eMop via Text for further assistance.

I arrived at the property but I was informed that no one had booked a service

In some cases, this may happen, we recommend you contact the customer whose details are located on the eMop App to clarify the booking. If you cannot reach the person who booked the service, please contact the eMop via Text, and we will assist you further.

I arrived at property but no one was in

You should wait 30 mins from the scheduled start time and call the customer repeatedly with an interval of at least 3mins. You can also leave a voice message referring to who you are and what time you arrived at the property.

If you find that you cannot reach the client after attempting several times during 30 mins from the start time, please take a picture of the door and make a print screens of your outcoming calls to the client. Send us these two photos. Then, we will close the job as ‘no show by the client’ and you will be compensated according to the terms and conditions.

I arrived on time, but the client is delayed

We allow cleaners a period of 30 mins for lateness without a penalty fee. This is also the same for clients. If you come across this situation, please inform eMop via Text, indicate your job ID and the issue. Don’t press ‘Start’ on your App unless 28 mins passed from the start time. If the customer delays and you are still waiting, please ‘Start’ for the job from 29th of minutes from the start time.

Harassment and other inappropriate behaviour on the part of the customer

If you face any form of harassment from the client and feel unsafe please exit the property immediately and contact eMop as soon as possible via Text or email indicating the job ID and describing the issue.

We recommend that you also report situation to the police as well.

The client does not have a hoover, a mop and a bucket

All customers are informed in the booking email of the equipment that they need to provide. However, it may happen that the customer didn’t read this information. If they do not have the necessary equipment, try to use your skills to do the best possible job with the existing materials, e.g., broom. Please inform the eMop via Text immediately about such an issue with a client indicating the job ID and describe the issue.

A customer claims that I have broken or damaged something, but this is not the case

Please inform eMop immediately via Text or email  about the case indicating the job ID and describe what happened at the property.  Ask the client to contact eMop via email  and we will proceed with the case. Do not argue with the client even if you are sure that it was not your fault. Please take pictures of the damages caused for future investigation.

The customer is not satisfied with my job and asks me to clean again

When you have completed your booking, it is important for the client to confirm that you have met their expectations. If the client would like you to clean something again, please never refuse and do not argue. Please keep in mind that you only have one hour more than the original estimate to complete the job. If the client is not at home when you do the cleaning, take pictures before and after the job to provide proof, in case of a complaint.