Missed item

Our response time is 24 hours. Resolution time  2-5 days (insurance cases up to 3 months)

Although our cleaners’ are background checked, we strongly advise all customers to securely store away any items of value that can be easily stolen including cash /credit cards.  These items should be stored in a secure location.

According to the Booking Terms and Conditions, eMop will not take responsibility for missing items unless you have credible evidence that the item was stolen by the cleaner and that the value of the item is in excess of £250 in which case we will be able to raise a claim with our insurance ( see insurance claim section). If you discover a missing item please see our complaints procedure. Missing items that are under £250 are limited to the cost of the cleaning.

If you find that something was missed from your property after the cleaning took place, please report us within 48 hours:

  • send to support@emop.world a clear description of the missing item including the value and location of the item;
  • If the value of the item is more than £250 we will need a completed police report with case number

Once we receive the relevant details we will first speak to the cleaner for feedback and after our customer support team will advise the next steps.

Please be aware that insurance claims can take up to 3 months to be processed.


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