Damage policy rules

  • eMop insurance policy covers costs for death or bodily injury, or damage to third party property arising in the course of your business including the supply of products (Public & Products liability).
  • eMop has in place an insurance policy, which excludes the first £250 of any claim. You, the Cleaner, being an independent contractors, are responsible for damages up to the first £250.
  • In case of damage less £250 the cleaner compensates the client’s invoice themselves or the relevant amount can be deducted from the upcoming eMop payments.
  • Where a Cleaner does not admit the fault, eMop will make a final decision based on the evidence supplied by the client and the Cleaner.
  • eMop does not cover any damage claim even above £250 if a Cleaner uses non-authorised cleaning products from eMop.


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