How can I receive my deposit back?

If you decide to leave the platform, you can get your deposit back.

  • If eMop has withdrawn money for your cleaning kit before you decide to leave, you receive you deposit back in full volume.
  • If you decide to leave eMop only after one or two completed jobs, we will take some money for used cleaning products (£10-£30) in case you bring the backpack with the cleaning products back to eMop’s office. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we kindly ask you to return the backpack clean and with all the bottles provided at the skills assessment.
  • If you completed over two jobs and decided to leave eMop, you will be deducted a full amount of the cleaning kit (£30). In this case you don’t need to bring the backpack to the office. Your rest £10 will be transferred to your bank account together with all the money you earned on eMop platform.

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