What to expect at the first cleaning job?

You will first need to check the location of customer’s home and plan your route so that you arrive on time for your job. For security reasons, you will only receive the customer’s details 3 hours before the start time of the job. Once you receive the client details, we recommend you contact them, to introduce yourself and to confirm the details of the location and how to get into the premises.

Secondly, you must ensure your cleaning kit with your branded uniform and the cleaning materials are with you in the eMop backpack.

Then, when you have arrived at the location you must press ‘Start’ on your eMop App. When you press Start, the customer will receive a text message. From this moment, onwards the time of cleaning has started.

Next, ask the client to show you around and explain their requirements. Change your clothes, put on the eMop branded t-shirt or the apron, prepare the cleaning materials and start cleaning. If the customer insists on you to using their own cleaning products, then you can use them.

When you have completed the job, ask the customer to check that you have done everything as expected. Clean again if the customer requests it.

At the end jand ust before you leave you must click ‘Finish’ on your eMop App. That will indicate that the job is complete and the customer will be charged for your time. When you click on ‘Finish’ the customer will receive a text message so do not click on the finish after you leave as the customer will be informed.

Lastly, rate your client.

Congratulations! Your first job is done!

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