I do not see my accepted job in my calendar anymore

There are several reasons for that:

  • Booking is cancelled by the Customer.
  • Booking is auto cancelled by the system by reason of you cancel the new time of booking provided by customer rescheduling or cancel it by yourself
  • Booking is cancelled by yourself
  • Order has been moved to another date by reason of customer rescheduling
  • If it was a double job, the job could be cancelled by the system because there wasn’t another eMopper that accepted this job.

All above cases are supported by PUSH notifications.

Also, you can check the lost order in History tab of left Slide menu.

If you are unsure please contact the Support Desk by WhatsApp  +44 7727 847547

I see the time has changed for the job that I accepted in my calendar

The reason for this is because the client has made a request to change the time. You have 10 mins after the job time was changed to accept it. Otherwise, this job becomes available on the Platform for other eMoppers.

If you missed your 10 mins window, you can grab this order as usual in New Orders with no issue.

I do not receive push-notifications from the Mobile App

If you do not receive push-notifications about new jobs, that can be results for the few reasons:

  • You are ‘Offline’ on the Mobile App. Please check it and make ‘Online’.
  • You have no Internet reception. Be sure your signal is strong enough
  • There aren’t any new jobs on the eMop platform at this moment

Please note that a bad Internet connection may affect receiving a PUSH notification, thus we suggest you double check ‘New Orders’ manually in ‘New Orders’ tab in a left slide menu.

Also, you can ‘Logout’ and ‘Login’ again. That should help.

I accepted a job accidentally

To accept the job you need to ‘swipe’ on the screen. This function was created with a purpose to prevent you from accepting orders accidentally.

If you don’t plan to do the job, please cancel it as soon as possible.

Be aware that customers get a confirmation email every time you accept a job. When you cancel the job and nobody else accepts it again, eMop losing a customer.

Contact the support team if you get a penalty fee for the cancellation to find out if there is any option to remove it.