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Catherine Farnsworth

21st of September, 2021

We needed a one off cleaner for our house because we’ve just had a baby. Emop is a great service - easy to use, good value, and you select precisely what jobs you want done in advance. Remi accepted our job (order ID 139716) and did a really good job. She was friendly, talked through what we wanted, and completed the job very efficiently. I’d definitely recommend using emop to others, and will do so again.

Chris Lin

20th of September, 2021

eMop itself has pretty responsive and helpful customer service. On the other hand, the actual cleaning experience really depends on which eMopper picks up your job. Some are very nice, some are very good at cleaning, but others are not - for example one cleaner might take much much longer to finish a job to the same or worse quality as another cleaner, almost as if they just want to accumulate more hours so they are paid more for the session.
I wish there were ways to change cleaners on their platform, or choose based on ratings or a previous good experience with one of them. I also wish I could modify the preferences of my cleaning subscription (such as number of rooms and level of dirt) without having to contact customer service every time.

Paul Shepherd

17th of September, 2021

Apartment cleaned by Oxana who arrived right on time and did a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend! #139050

Sydney Manning

16th of September, 2021

I love my clean house! Always a great job! This makes my life so much easier. I appreciate that the same people work on the house each time. I look forward to how the couch looks after the cleaning... Plus keeping the looking great is something i didn't expect. So thorough. Thanks!

Louisa Campbell

8th of September, 2021

I booked a Studio clean on the last minute, the booking was confirmed by a cleaner a few minutes later and i received a call from the customer support team to let me know, very efficiebt service delivery, great work guys and the cleaning was Superb!

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Info about Hillingdon

Hillingdon is the westernmost borough in the city. It was formed by the merger of the four districts of Middlesex County. This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in London. The region is home to many historical sites, including medieval churches and pubs dating back to the English Civil War. Also, one of the points of interest is the business centre, Stockley Park. However, the principal value is Heathrow Airport.

In Hillingdon, nature is presented as a beautiful landscape in this still undeveloped territory. Especially in this area, a system of landscaping has been designed within the region, canals, cascades and swimming pools.

This borough covers the following postcodes: HA4, HA6, UB1, UB3, UB4, UB5, UB6, UB7, UB8, UB9, UB10, UB11, UB12, UB13, UB14, UB15, UB16, UB17, UB18, UB19, UB20, UB21, UB22, UB23, UB24, UB25, UB26, UB27, UB28, UB29, UB30

eMop cleaners in Hillingdon

Brilliant Service in Hillingdon

Have you ever thought that hiring a professional cleaner is so much easier and more affordable than you might expect? eMop in Hillingdon area exists to solve a never-ending issue � finding time to clean your house correctly.

Our prices start at �18/h. Moreover, this price point will fit into all kinds of budgets. We also aim to compose the payments fairly; that is why we arrange a by-the-minute payment option.

Another essential feature is the ability to book same day cleaning. It may be useful when you have unexpected circumstances � guests, a party, or something of that nature. This process is available 24/7, any day of the week.

In order to customise your cleaning plan, you can add a specific service to a standard package. We understand that not everyone needs the same set of services.

Make Cleaning Easy

The process is straightforward:

  • Visit our website form and install the mobile app.
  • Send in your cleaning request.
  • Get confirmation.
  • Enjoy your spare time with eMop cleaners.

If you still have doubts, just go through our reviews, and you will be convinced it�s worth it.

Even sceptics change their minds about regular cleaning services when they see squeaky clean floors, counters, or, in fact, anything else in the home. eMop cleaners in Hillingdon is the answer to your domestic responsibilities.

Cleaning is no longer your burden