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Our services in St Albans

How much does a house cleaner cost in St Albans

Cashback up to £150

Regular house cleaning

from £17/h


One-off domestic cleaning

from £19/h


How eMop cleaning service works

Submit your booking online

  • Enter postcode
  • Choose a type of cleaning
  • Select a cleaning schedule
  • Choose rooms to get an estimated price
  • Select additional cleaning services if you need them
  • Indicate the level of dirt in your property

Pay as You Go

  • The estimated amount of your booking will be held in your bank account
  • You will only be charged after the cleaning session is completed and according to the actual time a cleaner worked

Manage your booking online

  • When you submit your cleaning request, your booking becomes available to all cleaners in the system
  • When you make an appointment with a cleaner, we email you or send a text message through the app
  • You can use MyAccount on our website or the eMop App to keep track of your booking

What is included in eMop cleaning?


Bedroom, living, dining, office rooms

  • Dusting all accessible surfaces

  • Cleaning lighting appliances, and chandeliers

  • Wiping appliances

  • Wiping mirrors and glass fixtures

  • Folding clothes and arranging things

  • Wiping doors, door handles, and switches

  • Vacuum cleaning of the carpets and washing the floor and skirting boards

  • Taking out rubbish


Halls and stairs

  • Dusting all accessible surfaces

  • Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces

  • Cleaning the front door (inside)

  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor and the skirting boards

  • Arranging things

  • Taking out rubbish



  • Cleaning all accessible surfaces from dust and grease (sink, sink faucet, table surface, stove and kitchen equipment)

  • Cleaning the front, upper and bottom kitchen facades

  • Vacuuming and washing the floor and skirting boards

  • Wiping doors, door handles, and switches

  • Doing washing-up

  • Taking out rubbish



  • Washing and sanitizing the toilet, the sink and the bidet

  • Cleaning and washing the shower and the tub

  • Wiping down mirrors, glass fixtures and lighting appliance

  • Dusting all accessible surfaces

  • Wiping down walls, doors, door handles and switches

  • Vacuuming and washing the floor and skirting boards

  • Taking out rubbish


Office Cleaning

  • Dusting of desks and computer equipment

  • Vacuum cleaning carpets mopping the floor, and cleaning skirting boards

  • Wiping mirrors and glass fixtures

  • Toilet and shower washing and sanitizing

  • Kitchen cleaning: washing all used crockery and equipment as well as cleaning all the external surfaces

  • Taking out rubbish and replacing with new bin liners

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What clients say about our cleaning service

What our clients say

Meet our professionals

Why choose eMop cleaning service in St Albans?


24/7 Availability

Pick a date and time that suits you. You can even book for same day cleaning, 4 hours in advance


Pay as You Go

We charge clients only for the actual time a cleaner spends at your property


Bespoke Service

You can choose which rooms you wish us to clean and book only the services you need


Last minute cleaning

Need urgent cleaning? You can make a booking 4 hours in advance

Additional domestic cleaning services

For advanced cleaning, you can add more services when booking. Most extra cleaning add-ons add half an hour to the cleaning time of your booking.

domestic Windows cleaning
domestic Cleaning inside the fridge and the microwave
domestic Cleaning inside kitchen cabinets
domestic Cleaning bookcases
domestic Changing linens and bed covers

Professional cleaning services in St Albans

professional team

Our domestic cleaners can render one-off, end-of-tenancy, deep cleaning, and regular cleaning services. This full range of professional cleaning services in St Albans is affordable and customisable.
If you need cleaners in St Albans that will show up to your house even on short notice and clean your bedrooms, kitchen, toilet, cabinets, and living room, and even provide laundry services like washing and ironing, eMop has the right cleaners for you.
One-off visits, as well as regular appointments, are available from eMop professional cleaning services in St Albans. No matter the service, it is carried out to the greatest standards possible by our reliable house cleaning crew.

Reliable cleaners in St Albans

  • We make every effort to have qualified cleaners available for an interview as soon as there is a vacancy. Before employment, we ensure that all our cleaners are knowledgeable and reliable.

  • Our cleaners are trained to be professional cleaners at all times. They are taught to be courteous and polite to clients. All customers always testify of how good our cleaners are.

  • Our home cleaning team is made up of cleaners that have worked with us for years. Be rest assured that you will get quality cleaners in Birmingham from eMop.

children's room
regular cleaning in the kitchen

Cleaning service that cares for your home

In St Albans, our cleaners offer expert house cleaning services. Our domestic cleaning services are followed with other packages like laundry, one-off and other deep cleaning for home homes and offices.
Nobody enjoys having to clean their house in their free time. Our cleaners are responsible for that. Home cleaning services from eMop in St Albans offer you back time to focus on activities you enjoy.
We provide a regular cleaning service as needed, whether it be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and we provide all of our own cleaning supplies. eMop has trusted cleaners with experience in providing cleaning solutions for shared housing, small offices, social areas of apartments, and family residences.

Appreciate the benefits of domestic house cleaners

Regardless of your cleaning demands, eMop’s domestic cleaners are available to serve you anywhere in St Albans. Our services are extremely cheap. This helps those from different strata of society to afford our services.
Our domestic cleaners are fully equipped with the right tools and equipment to handle all kind of cleaning challenges. There are specific materials to wipe off stubborn dirts from certain surfaces. You don’t have to do this alone, our domestic cleaning team can help.
With eMop’s house cleaning services, all household chores are handled. You get to take care of other things like spending time with family and friends or other important engagement you may have. Our home cleaning services can include window cleaning, furniture dusting, ironing and carpet cleaning.

living room

Frequently asked questions

How much do cleaners charge in St Albans?

Our cleaning services in St Albans start at £17 per hour.

How much is an end-of-tenancy clean in St Albans?

Our St Albans cleaning services for end-of-tenancy cleaning start at £15 per hour. This can change depending on factors like the number of cleaners you request, your location, and extra services.

What can a cleaner do in 3 hours?

With only 3 hours needed, a cleaner can clean the entire house with a vacuum, clean the bathrooms, including the toilets, sinks, showers, and baths, clean the kitchen, including mopping the floor, wiping surfaces down, emptying the trash, cleaning the mirrors, oven cleaning, etc.

Do cleaners provide cleaning products and equipment?

When placing an order, please ask the cleaner to include a hoover and a mop if you don't have your own equipment. If you place an order that includes equipment, there will be an extra fee.

Cleaning is no longer
your burden

Cleaning is no longer
your burden


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