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Pricing for cleaning in Havering

Cashback up to £150

Regular house cleaning

from £15/h

  • Weekly


  • Fortnightly


  • Monthly


One-off domestic cleaning

from £15.5/h

  • Next day

    Any day from tomorrow (8 am - 10 pm)


  • Same day

    Today, in 4h minimum (8 am - 10 pm)


  • Peak

    High demand (Fridays and Holidays)


  • Night

    Any day (10 pm - 8 am)


  • End of Tenancy

    Applicable Tariff + End of Tenancy Charge


What is included in eMop standard cleaning?

Bedroom, living, dining rooms

  • Dusting all accessible surfaces
  • Wiping mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Wiping appliances
  • Folding clothes and arranging things
  • Wiping doors, door handles, and switches
  • Cleaning lighting appliances, and chandeliers
  • Vacuum cleaning of the carpets and washing the floor and skirting boards
  • Taking out rubbish


  • Washing and sanitizing the toilet, the sink and the bidet
  • Cleaning and washing the shower and the tub
  • Wiping down mirrors, glass fixtures and lighting appliance
  • Dusting all accessible surfaces
  • Wiping down walls, doors, door handles and switches
  • Vacuuming and washing the floor and skirting boards
  • Taking out rubbish


  • Cleaning all accessible surfaces from dust and grease (sink, sink faucet, table surface, stove and kitchen equipment)
  • Cleaning the front, upper and bottom kitchen facades
  • Vacuuming and washing the floor and skirting boards
  • Wiping doors, door handles, and switches
  • Doing washing-up
  • Taking out rubbish

Office Cleaning

  • Dusting of desks and computer equipment
  • Vacuum cleaning carpets mopping the floor, and cleaning skirting boards
  • Wiping mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Toilet and shower washing and sanitizing
  • Kitchen cleaning: washing all used crockery and equipment as well as cleaning all the external surfaces
  • Taking out rubbish and replacing with new bin liners

Halls and stairs

  • Dusting all accessible surfaces
  • Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning the front door (inside)
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor and the skirting boards
  • Arranging things
  • Taking out rubbish

Why choose eMop?

24 for 7 Availability

24/7 Availability

Pick a date and time that suits you. You can even book for same day cleaning, 4 hours in advance

Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go

We charge clients only for the actual time an eMopper spends at your property

Bespoke Service

Bespoke Service

You can choose which rooms you wish us to clean and book only the services you need

24 for 7 Availability

Last minute cleaning

Need urgent cleaning? You can make a booking 4 hours in advance

eMop Cleans Up in Havering

52.5 One-off clean completed


One-off clean completed

105 Homes cleaned


Homes cleaned

42 Regular clients


Regular clients

5.25 End of tenancy clean completed


End of tenancy clean completed

203 Average clean duration, min


Average clean duration, min

4.2 eMop Cleaners


eMop Cleaners

36.75 Same day clean completed


Same day clean completed

42 Next day clean completed


Next day clean completed


Book your cleaning in Havering

Choose time and date, pay and wait for your cleaner.


Info about Havering

More than half of the Havering Northeast Harbour area, in Outer London, is covered by the Metropolitan Green Belt: forests, gardens, parks and uninhabited open spaces. Two hundred twenty-six thousand people inhabit a city that is just over 100 square kilometres.

The central part of the housing stock is formed by low-rise suburban developments. Still, in the south, there is the main commercial centre of the district - Haringey, where the offices of companies, shopping arcades, bars and nightclubs are concentrated. Other major communes include Hornchurch, Upminster and Rainham. Near the latter, there is a small industrial zone on the River Thames.

Havering is conveniently located between the cultural centres of London and Essex, so in the Borough people have access to many attractions. Over the last century, Havering has been densely populated by London Underground stations and high-speed rail links to central London with stations in Haringey and Upminster.

This borough covers the following postcodes: RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4, RM5, RM6, RM7, RM8, RM9

eMop in Havering

Easy Domestic Cleaning Solution

Many people have some doubts when it comes to asking for expert help around the house. Now, it is time to destroy that myth surrounding cleaning services. eMop in Havering is affordable, safe and comfortable.

To apply for eMop cleaning, you just have to:

  • Give us relevant data in the online request form
  • Add adjustments to the chosen services
  • Get confirmation from a cleaner via mobile app or email
  • Have a pleasant time while your clean-up is being taken care of

Service eMop in Havering

There are many pieces of evidence that eMop house cleaning is a high-quality service offering:

  • Reasonable prices � from18/h/h
  • By the minute payment
  • Cleaners with considerable experience
  • Eco-friendly cleaning stuff

Sometimes you don't need a certain kind of service, like vacuuming or washing-up, or, you may want to arrange some additions suitable just for your occasion. Use our customizable service for such days.

If you have unexpected guests, but your home is nowhere near ready, we can offer a same day cleaning option, which is available 24/7 so that you are never caught off-guard.

eMop cleaning service in Havering provides real value for the money. You will no longer have to rush home after a busy day to start cleaning� as your space will already be clean, thanks to our experienced, professional team.

Frequently asked questions

Do cleaners provide equipment / products?

If you do not have your own equipment/ products, please request a cleaner to the equipment or products. You will be charged additionally for an order with the equipment/ products.

Why is the estimated price for the cleaning more than what I chose?

The minimum duration of the job is 3 hours. If the cleaner finishes early, please give them another task.

I need a quotation for end of tenancy / one off / carpet (combined) order.

Please request a quote in our website simply entering your postcode. Please add all items you need to be cleaned and you will receive the quotation for the service.

Is there a guarantee of a refund if the job isn’t done up to standard?

According to eMop policy we do not provide any refunds. However, in case of any complaint, we will investigate the case, review the evidence and get back to you with a proposed solution in accordance with eMop policy. The full description of the complaint followed by picture evidence will be requested.

When will I get a confirmation for my booking?

As soon as you make a booking it becomes available to all cleaners in eMop platform. The time of the booking confirmation depends on the availability of the cleaners in the area and the type of the cleaning you request. eMop team will contract you if there is no availability for the chosen time and offer you the closest available time of the cleaning.

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