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Domestic cleaning service in Norbury

It is no surprise that everybody wants to come back to a perfect house in the wake of a stressful day of work. Rather than burning through significant time on such exhausting errands, let eMop cleaning services in Norbury deal with that. Our expert staff of eMop Norbury cleaners will deal with your household tasks while you unwind and invest quality energy with loved ones.

Our services in Norbury

Pricing for cleaning in Norbury

Cashback up to £150

Regular house cleaning

from £16/h

Regular visits by a professional cleaner in Norbury who will vacuum, dust, and clean surfaces in all living areas, bathrooms, and kitchen. Additional services such as laundry, changing bed linen, and washing dishes can be added upon request.


One-off domestic cleaning

from £18.5/h

A comprehensive deep cleaning of the entire property, including thorough cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and bedrooms, as well as dusting and vacuuming throughout.


How eMop cleaning service works

Submit your booking online

  • Enter postcode
  • Choose a type of cleaning
  • Select a cleaning schedule
  • Choose rooms to get an estimated price
  • Select additional cleaning services if you need them
  • Indicate the level of dirt in your property

Pay as You Go

  • The estimated amount of your booking will be held in your bank account
  • You will only be charged after the cleaning session is completed and according to the actual time a cleaner worked

Manage your booking online

  • When you submit your cleaning request, your booking becomes available to all cleaners in the system
  • When you make an appointment with a cleaner, we email you or send a text message through the app
  • You can use MyAccount on our website or the eMop App to keep track of your booking

What is included in eMop standard cleaning?


Bedroom, living, dining rooms

  • Dusting all accessible surfaces
  • Clean and wipe mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Wiping appliances
  • Folding clothes and arranging things
  • Wiping doors, door handles, and switches
  • Cleaning lighting appliances, and chandeliers
  • Vacuum cleaning of the carpets and washing the floor and skirting boards
  • Taking out rubbish
  • Hoovering and mopping floors


  • Cleaning surfaces such as tiles, shower cabin, bath sink, toilet and seat
  • Washing and sanitizing the toilet, the sink and the bidet
  • Cleaning and washing the shower and the tub
  • Wiping down mirrors, glass fixtures and lighting appliance
  • Dusting all accessible surfaces
  • Wiping down walls, doors, door handles and switches
  • Vacuuming and washing the floor and skirting boards
  • Taking out rubbish


  • Cleaning all accessible surfaces from dust and grease (sink, sink faucet, table surface, stove and kitchen equipment)
  • Cleaning the front, upper and bottom kitchen facades
  • Vacuuming and washing the floor and skirting boards
  • Wiping doors, door handles, and switches
  • Doing washing-up
  • Taking out rubbish

Office Cleaning

  • Mopping, cleaning, brooming, and vacuuming procedures
  • Dusting of desks and computer equipment
  • Vacuum cleaning carpets mopping the floor, and cleaning skirting boards
  • Wiping mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Toilet and shower washing and sanitizing
  • Kitchen cleaning: washing all used crockery and equipment as well as cleaning all the external surfaces
  • Taking out rubbish and replacing with new bin liners
  • Carpet and windows deep cleaning

Halls and stairs

  • Dusting all accessible surfaces
  • Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning the front door (inside)
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor and the skirting boards
  • Arranging things
  • Taking out rubbish

Book your cleaning in Norbury

Our standard cleaning service includes everything you need to get your home in order as quickly as possible. You can book additional services when you make your booking.



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Benefits of eMop in Norbury


One of our cleaning company key highlights is moderateness. The starting cleaning cost is simply £15/h, so you can effectively fit this measure of cash into your month to month spending plan. On the off chance that your real cleaning time doesn't fit into 60 minutes, we give pay by the minute alternative compensation option.

Besides, we realise that there can be unexpected circumstances, and you may need to have your home or office cleaned in a short amount of time. You can book the same day cleaning option, regardless of the time or day of the week.

We have standard bundles for rooms, restrooms, kitchens, and so forth. However, you can tweak your request and determine whether you need extra administrations. We will be glad to meet your particular needs.

Our Cleaning Process

We offer different sorts of administrations for home and office cleaning. Here are the steps for our booking procedure:

  • Fill out our online form or utilize an advantageous eMop mobile application.
  • Make a booking highlighting your location in Norbury and any other data for our cleaners.
  • Wait for affirmation.
  • Watch your home to be cleaned entirely with safe, non-lethal items.

Our client base in Norbury entrusts in us with an exceptionally private thing their homes. eMop doesn't take that responsibility lightly.


Info about Norbury

Norbury is an area in southwest London. It shares a London SW16 postcode with neighbouring Streatham and Croydon counties. Norbury is 6.7 miles south of Charing Cross.

The primary Norbury Railroad Station was built as Norbury End, in 1878, to permit the racehorses and horse hustling fans to land the trains and exit the station down the delicately sloping inclines. The station we see nowadays was built, in 1902m, with the two additional stages, and the railroad tracks expanded from two sets to four sets. A new bridge span was built over London Street to carry them.

Since the Second World War, the foremost unmistakable alter to Norbury's built environment has been the development of office pieces on London Road, generally within the early 1960s. All the most ethnic minorities are well represented in Norbury, and nearly three-quarters of homes are owner-occupied.

This area covers the following postcodes: SW16

Frequently asked questions

Do cleaners provide equipment / products?

Our e-Mop team is equipped with the tools and products to clean your space effectively as professional cleaners. If you do not have your own equipment/products, please request a cleaner for the equipment or products. You will be charged additionally for an order with the equipment/products. Our team is also trained in using these tools and products safely and efficiently for regular domestic cleaning. We only use environmentally-friendly products to ensure the safety of both our cleaning team and the environment. Choose e-Mop for a reliable and eco-friendly cleaning experience.

Why is the estimated price for the cleaning more than what I chose?

The minimum duration of the job is 3 hours. If the cleaner finishes early, please give them another task. You chose additional factors such as the size of the space, any special cleaning requests while making a booking on a website or using the app, so you can see the final price of the cleaning services immediately.

I need a quotation for the end of tenancy / one off / carpet (combined) order.

Please request a quote on our website, simply entering your postcode. It is recommended to get a quotation beforehand to ensure that the company can adequately meet your needs and budget. It is also important to clarify any specific requests or concerns with the company before proceeding with the service.

Is there a guarantee of a refund if the job isn't done up to standard?

According to eMop policy, we do not provide any refunds. However, in case of any complaint, we will investigate the case, review the evidence and get back to you with a proposed solution in accordance with eMop policy. The full description of the complaint followed by picture evidence will be requested.

When will I get confirmation for my booking?

As soon as you make a booking, it becomes available to all cleaners in the eMop platform. The time of the booking confirmation depends on the availability of the cleaners in the area and the type of the domestic cleaning service you request. eMop team will contact you if there is no availability for the chosen time and offer you the closest available time of the cleaning.

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