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What is included in Carpet cleaning in East London?

  • Hoovering the carpet

  • Removing stains and dirt

  • Washing the carpet with a carpet washing equipment

Cashback up to £150

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from £48/h

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Carpet cleaning service in East London

Our standard cleaning service includes everything you need to get your home in order as quickly as possible. You can book additional services when you make your booking.


How eMop cleaning service works

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  • Choose a type of cleaning
  • Select a cleaning schedule
  • Choose rooms to get an estimated price
  • Select additional cleaning services if you need them
  • Indicate the level of dirt in your property

Pay as You Go

  • The estimated amount of your booking will be held in your bank account
  • You will only be charged after the cleaning session is completed and according to the actual time a cleaner worked

Manage your booking online

  • When you submit your cleaning request, your booking becomes available to all cleaners in the system
  • When you make an appointment with a cleaner, we email you or send a text message through the app
  • You can use MyAccount on our website or the eMop App to keep track of your booking

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eMop Carpet cleaning in East London

eMop cleaners

You can get a fantastic and spotless carpet cleaning in East London from eMop thanks to its staff of cleaners in the East London region. Our goal is for our customers to be completely satisfied, and we can guarantee the best carpet cleaning available.

All of the necessary professional carpet cleaning training has been completed by every member of our carpet cleaning East London crew, ensuring that all chemicals used are the proper ones for each different carpet.

They understand that some delicate carpets call for more care than others. Our East London cleaners are the best because they always provide amazing services. They are completely qualified and covered by insurance.

They take great pride in their carpet cleaning services and will use all reasonable efforts to eliminate any stubborn stains, dirt, spills, or other types of soiling from carpets.

To get a deep clean carpet cleaning service, you can get a free quote on our homepage.

Methods we use

Fiber identification and pretreatment

Important processes when cleaning carpets include fibre identification and pretreatment. The right cleaning technique must be chosen after carefully identifying the type of fibre used in the carpet. Visual inspection, burn tests, and chemical analyses can all be used to accomplish this.

Following identification, the carpet is prepped by vacuuming, and if necessary, a pre-spray may be used to remove dirt and stains before cleaning. Hot water extraction method, dry cleaning, deep cleaning, and low-moisture cleaning are just a few of the different effective carpet cleaning methods that can be used.

All types of carpets can use this technique, but those composed of natural fibres require special attention.

living room
living room

High-filtration vacuuming

Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter, the high-filtration vacuuming method removes deeply embedded dirt, dust, and allergens from carpets. The technique works for all kinds of carpets, but it is particularly beneficial for carpets made of natural fibres, such as cotton and wool, which have a propensity to collect allergens and contaminants.

By removing these allergens and pollutants from the carpet using a HEPA filter vacuum, you can improve your indoor environment.

Dry cleaning

In place of water or steam, a special kind of cleaning powder or foam is used for the dry carpet cleaning process. For carpets composed of natural fibres that could shrink or bleed when exposed to water, this technique is especially appropriate.

A special cleaning powder or foam is put on the carpet and rubbed into the fibres using a brush or machine during the dry carpet cleaning process. Following the trapping and absorption of dirt and other particles by the stain removal agent, they can be vacuumed away.

The dry carpet cleaning method doesn't use any water, in contrast to conventional carpet cleaning techniques that use steam, making it a fantastic choice for carpets made of natural fibres that can't handle moisture.

It is a fantastic solution as well for deeply stained or excessively soiled carpets & rugs. After cleaning, your carpet is dried immediately.

living room
living room

Carpet cleaning service that you can trust

  • We use professional equipment

    In order to quickly achieve outstanding results, we only use the most powerful carpet cleaning techniques.

  • Our cleaners are trained

    We ensure that all our carpet cleaners are experienced professionals and well-equipped. They all know their jobs and can clean all kinds of carpets.

  • Our cleaners work any day you want

    We have professional carpet cleaners that can come to your location anytime you want. Our carpet cleaners understand how important your time is to you, so they are always ready any day and anytime.

  • Perfect service for all your Carpet needs

    Your carpets can even appear almost brand new after the cleaning, regardless of whether there are food or drink stains, or whatever state they are in.

Our Carpet cleaners in East London

Our cleaners are available in the following areas:

Ilford, Barking, East Ham, Dagenham, Redbridge, Chadwell Heath, Forest Gate, Wanstead, Plaistow, Newham, Thamesmead, Leytonstone, Canning Town, South Woodford, Romford, Stratford, Plumstead, Woodford, Abbey Wood, Woolwich, Leyton, Walthamstow, Charlton, Hornchurch, Havering

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Frequently asked questions

Is getting carpets cleaned professionally worth it?

Yes. Using a professional carpet cleaning service is definitely worthwhile.

How much does it cost to clean 2 rooms of carpet?

Our London carpet cleaning services start from £48 per hour for one room in East London. This can be multiplied into two rooms to get the cost.

Is it cheaper to clean a carpet or replace it?

You'll spend about half as much on using routine carpet cleaning services rather than swapping soiled or stained carpets.

How much does it cost to wash a carpet?

The size, type, and degree of stain on your carpets will all affect how much it will cost to have them cleaned. However, our expert carpet cleaning East London services start at £48.

Cleaning is no longer your burden

cleaning in no longer your burden