Welcome the End of Lockdown With a Professional Spring Cleaning

It’s spring! A time of the year that many of us welcome the change in season with enthusiasm. We plan holidays and we tend to our gardens. We also change the state of our homes, with spring cleaning being popular at this time of the year.

With the easing of lockdown, our cleaners are now free to pick up the orders of our clients. Spring cleaning is one of our popular and most requested cleaning service. For many of you, it is really the best time to have a deep clean, and change your atmosphere for the better.

Our clients like to welcome the change in season in a clean environment. This spring is even more special as lockdown eases and we begin to experience life as normal.

At eMop, we regard the safety of our customers highly – even with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, we still ensure our cleaners adhere to safety standards and follow all COVID-19 requirements.

Our professional cleaners will not only leave your home/property in a sparkling state for the spring season, they will also sanitise it to remove germs and bacteria. The products we use are eco-friendly, so they will not harm your health or the environment.

We are currently offering a combined service: you can now book a standard cleaning service with carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our cleaners will do the work on the same day, so you don’t need to make a double booking.

If you are going for a spring cleaning, we highly recommend including carpet and upholstery cleaning. Overtime, your carpet and furniture, like sofas, will get dirty and gather a lot of germs and bacteria. Bad odour can also accumulate, especially if you have pets. eMop’s cleaners will remove the dirt and the smell, leaving your home in a fresh state for spring!

If you need help with how to spring clean your property, then follow our tips here. You can also book our cleaners to do the job!

Use this £10 discount code when you book a cleaning service. It’s valid until 15/03/2022.

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