The Importance of Regular Cleaning and Disinfection

Today, the state of our environment and hygiene standards have become more important than ever! If anything, what COVID-19 has taught us is the importance of cleaning and the disinfection of our environment – from our hands to our homes!

Over the last couple of years, eMop has adopted its cleaning service to ensure the properties we take care of, are not just “clean” on the surface, but are bacteria and germs free.

We use the right products and cleaning agents to ensure your property is free from viruses and bacteria.

Living with COVID-19 means making changes to our lifestyle, including our cleaning habits – disinfection is highly recommended!

Professional cleaning, using the right tools and products, can really help us to stay safe in testing times like now.

All of our professional cleaners, who are highly trained, come with the right cleaning agents to enable them to create a safe, clean environment.

As our service is flexible and available 24/7, you can make your booking for a time that works best for your schedule.

We available are for one-off cleaning, however our customers often prefer to have a regular cleaning scheduled. If you book a regular cleaning, you can even get a £150 cash back.

Give our service a try by using this discount code to reduce the cost of your cleaning: SAFECLEAN. Valid until 07/02/2022.

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