What’s It Like to Work as a Cleaner in London?

We recently sent interview questions to our eMoppers to understand what it is like to work as a cleaner in London. Here they share their experience with us:

How long have you been working for eMop?

Professional cleaners in London
Maria Dimova

Mariya Dimova: “I have been working for eMop for 2 years now.”

Marta Lytovchuk: “I have been working for eMop for almost 1 year now.”

Filipe Pombinho: “For five months.”

Have you worked as a cleaner before joining eMop? If yes, was it for another company or were you self-employed?

MD: “Yes, I have. I worked in a 4 star hotel for 2 years.”

ML: “I’ve worked as a self-employed cleaner, before joining eMop here in London, for about 6 months.”

FP: “Yes, for another company in my country.”

Are you a native Londoner? If not, where are you from?

MD: “No, I’m not a native Londoner, I am from Bulgaria”

ML: “No, I’m from Ukraine.”

FP: “No, I’m from Portugal.”

What’s it like to work as a cleaner in London?

MD: “I like my job because it enables me to travel a lot. I see a lot of new things and places, and I get to meet new people all the time. The pay is also very good.”

the best cleaners in London
Marta Lytovchuk

ML: “It’s not an easy job. Most of the time it’s difficult and you get really tired by the end of the day. But it’s good, because you get to rely on yourself, on your skills and insurance.

If you’re good at your job, you get more orders and more tips from clients, and therefore you always work and the get money.

This job is built on trust and it requires a lot of responsibility.”

FP: “I liked it very much. Most of my customers are every approachable.”

Have you cleaned in another city? And if yes, how does that experience compare to London?

MD: “No, I haven’t worked as a cleaner before arriving in London.”

ML: “No, I have not cleaned in another city.”

FP: “Yes! In my country I didn’t have the option to pickup a cleaning order from an app. I only went to where the company told me to go.

I prefer eMop’s system, where you have a choice to take an order or refuse.”

Do you feel safe when you go to clean a client’s home in London?

MD: “Yes, I feel safe.”

ML: “Yes, I feel safe in clients’ homes in London.”

FP: “Yes.”

Have there been any peculiar incidents that happened whilst you were cleaning someone’s house?

MD: “No!”

ML: “Some funny story happened to me… After I cleaned a client’s home, when I was ready to leave, I closed the door and then realised that I forgot my purse with my money and travel card inside (the client wasn’t at home).

But luckily I didn’t leave the phone inside. So I texted the client and he arranged with his estate agency, which was based locally, to give me the extra key they held.”

FP: “No.”

As for our clients and readers, we hope you got to know our eMoppers better and we look forward to sharing more of their experiences in London with you.

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