8 Reasons to Clean With Eco-Friendly Products

Today, more than ever in modern society, we have become conscious of the products and the foods we consume. We have seen the harm some of our everyday products can do: from leading to cancer to polluting the environment. So, conscious people don’t just consume, they read and study the effects of the products they use in their homes and the foods they eat. They are increasingly going for healthier foods and eco-friendly cleaning products.

At eMop, we are proponent of eco-friendly lifestyle. Our eMoppers are encouraged to always go for the eco-friendly, safe cleaning products, whenever possible, even if it takes them an extra hour to clean your home. For the long term health benefits outweigh the extra hour, for both the cleaner and the homeowner.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of cleaning with eco-friendly, natural products…

1. No toxic chemicals in your home

eco-friendly green house

When you go for eco-friendly cleaning products, you eliminate the chances for toxic chemicals to be released into your home. Regular cleaning products that we use in our kitchens and bathrooms to remove grease and limescale do a good job in removing dirt, but they come with a nasty side effect: the inhalation of dangerous chemicals.

Have you heard of the saying, “Nothing in life is free”? Sadly this proves to be true when it comes to household cleaning products. If it’s removing your dirt, literally melting away all the grease on your bathtub without much effort from you, then it’s taking away something from you in return. In this case, it’s putting your health in danger.

Go green, work harder, but live well!

2. Eco-friendly cleaning products are easy on sensitive skin

If you have a sensitive skin, going for natural cleaning products will save you from skin irritation and harm. Some of the harmful ingredients found in everyday cleaning products include formaldehyde, which can cause skin, eye, throat and nose irritation, and chlorine bleach which is harmful to the skin and eyes, as well as the lungs.

3. Going green can be cost-effective

If you are using/creating your own cleaning products, then it will be more cost effective. Cleaning products created using regular home products, like baking soda and vinegar, can be cheaper than commercial cleaning products.

So get creative and start making your own cleaning products. If you need some recipe tips, see our earlier blog posts here and here and start creating these easy to make cleaning products.

4. Eco-friendly products don’t cause harm to the earth

earth protected by trees

Eco-friendly products do not cause harm to the environment. When you use regular cleaning products, harmful chemicals are released into the atmosphere. When we go green, we eliminate the chances of releasing harmful chemicals into our waterways and air. This action reduces our contribution to the depletion of the ozone layer and global climate change.

5. Products are produced with recycled waste

Eco-friendly cleaning products are sometimes made using waste ingredients that would otherwise be damped on the earth. Ecover, whose products we are currently using, has created a “TOO GOOD TO WASTE” washing up liquid made using 25% waste ingredients from beer brewing processes. It is also bottled in recycled plastic.

6. Promote a better living

When you go eco-friendly, you are also promoting a better living that others can follow and implement. The more people that join your eco-living lifestyle, the better for the environment. So, start your eco-movement now by making your home a chemical-free zone.

7. You give back

hand holding a tree

When you purchase natural cleaning products, you give back to your community. Many of the manufacturers of eco-friendly cleaning products donate some of their profits to environmental charities and organisations promoting green-living.

When you buy their products you are contributing to the promotion of environmentally-friendly living.

8. Natural cleaning products are not tested on animals

Manufacturers of environmentally-friendly, sustainable products usually create with the philosophy to not do harm to the earth and its inhabitants, and animal testing would go against this.

When you go for regular commercial products, you are far more likely to buy products that have been tested on animals.

The above reasons are why we use natural products

We have gone for natural cleaning products that are save for our cleaners and your home. When you make a booking, you now have the option to add these products to your purchase. The cleaner will arrive with them.


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