For a Tidy Home, a Tidy Mind Adopt These Regular Cleaning Habits

To get to a state where your home is tidy, and your mind at ease (thus tidy, too) you will need to devise a plan. Luckily for most of us, this plan doesn’t require a lot of time or energy. Instead we make small changes to our daily habits and we will see the big transformation.

In the beginning these daily changes to normal activities may seem like a chore, but with repetition it will soon feel like a habit.

Make your bed in the morning

professional cleaner making bed

In the mornings when you wake up instead of leaving your bed as it is, tidy it up. Stretch the sheets, arrange the pillows back into their place and neatly lay your duvet across. It really doesn’t take a long time to do this and it can make all the difference to your bedroom – a neat bed creates the appearance of a clean, tidy room.

Done over a period of time, it will become another habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning.

Get everyone involved

Get the children and your partner involved. Give everyone a cleaning or a tidying task to perform regularly, whether it’s making their bed in the morning, taking out the bin or wiping the kitchen table after they have eaten there. At first, it may appear to be a task just constantly reminding everyone to do their chores, but with time they will adopt this new habit.

By getting everyone involved, you will all do little but in the end it will amount to more – a cleaner, tidier home.

15 minutes evening tidying sessions

cleaner cleaning the washbasin

Spend 15 minutes every evening tidying or cleaning. By reducing the time, you eliminate the anxiety that comes with big cleaning sessions. Every evening, see where there is a need for cleaning or tidying. One evening you may choose to tidy your closet, another evening you may choose to do your laundry.

To make this a habit, don’t exceed the recommended time even if you feel you can do more. The reason: if you do it one too many times, it will become a burden and you will abandon it.

Declutter by getting rid of what you don’t need

Look around you and see what’s making your home messy. Are there excessive numbers of items and do they make the area look untidy and small? If so, place the things you don’t use or aren’t using at the moment in boxes. Walk around with these boxes until you have collected all the unused items. Then look at the content of the boxes and see what you haven’t used in a long time.

Do you think you will ever use it again? If you are being honest with yourself, the answer is no in many cases. In that case take it to a charity if it’s still in a good condition. If not, throw away responsibly by recycling when and if possible. Declutter regularly, so your house is never hosting too many things you don’t need.

Don’t vacuum the whole house

Vacuuming can be tiring and boring; nobody ever looks forward to it. Make it less of a loathsome job by doing it in small bearable rounds. One day maybe just vacuum the living room and the hallway and the next time do the bedrooms. You can incorporate it into your 15-minutes evening cleaning and tidying sessions. If you do, make sure you don’t spend more than 15 minutes vacuuming.

Eat and cleanup after yourself

professional cleaner tidying table

Don’t let piles of dishes accumulate, wash after eating. Get everyone in your home to do the same, this way no one is cleaning too many dishes.

While cooking, you can also clean any dishes you’ve used while you wait for the food to cook. This is an easy habit to develop. When you place all your vegetables in their pan, while you wait for them to be ready, you can use that time to clean the chopping board, the knife and any other cutlery you used. Also use this time to wipe the table. It is better to clean after yourself while you wait for your food as time passes quicker. This way your food is ready in no time.

Stressed? Clean…

Feeling stressed after a long day at work? Clean! Cleaning can help to take your mind off all the stressful things at work and in your daily life. Some people get their best cleaning therapy through washing the dishes, but for you it may be washing the bathroom and making that place shine spotless or gardening.

Whatever you choose, take your stress out on dirt/ mess and you will be glad when you later find yourself in a clean environment that relaxes you. A clean, tidy environment creates a calming effect that will help you to relax.

The take-home message

Whatever you do, don’t make it a chore. Do small amount of tidying and cleaning until it becomes a habit, that way you will always do it without thinking about it as cleaning. If a task becomes tiresome, move on and do something easier. Do the challenging task on a day you don’t view it as a challenge.

There will be times when the amount of cleaning that needs to be done can cause you a lot of anxiety and stress. If that is the case, don’t panic, we can help.

Our eMoppers are always here to offer great domestic cleaning service when needed. Just place an order, and we will clean away what’s stressing you.

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