6 Tips to Make Cleaning Fun

We all have to do cleaning in our home in London at some point, but most of us hate it and will put it off for as long as we can. What if we can make cleaning less of a loathsome chore and more of a fun session? It’s possible… Try these 6 tips to make cleaning fun and see if they do the trick.

Listen to music while you clean

Listen to your favourite music while you clean. Music can put you into a happy or relaxed mood, which can make cleaning a pleasant task. Connecting with the lyrics and the rhythm will make you forget the unpleasant side of the cleaning. So dance away while you mop and scrub.

It doesn’t have to be music, maybe for you it’s listening to a good audio book or letting your favourite TV show play in the background. See what works for you.

Incorporate cleaning into your exercise routine

woman cleaning with a broomstick

Cleaning is a form of exercise, so approaching it as one may help you to get into it more. You can burn between 100 to 200 calories an hour, depending on what you are doing. As you can imagine you would certainly burn more calories mopping or vacuuming than wiping surfaces.

If you want to drop the calories, let this motivate you. Get your gloves on and load your buckets – and start burning those calories!

Get creative with your cleaning products

Creativity helps! Instead of using any odd product from the supermarket to clean your home, get creative and start making your own products. Don’t like the smell of that spray and found it off-putting the last time you were cleaning, why don’t you research about an alternative? There are so many homemade alternatives and products that you can experiment with.

By creating your own alternative cleaning products, you will be more motivated to try them out and test their cleaning power. And the more satisfied you are with them, the happier you will be to use them. Get creative and start using your own creation to dissolve dirt.

Reward yourself

woman with tea and cat

Rewards and treats can really do a lot to motivate you. After an hour of cleaning or if you have to do heavy duty cleaning that takes hours, it is important to reward yourself. For some, feet up with a glass of wine and a box of chocolate works as the perfect treat, for others it may be a night out. When you return to a clean home, you will be happy you did all the work.

Do it in small chunks

Don’t clean the whole house at ones, do your cleaning bit by bit. Big cleaning sessions can leave you exhausted and you will be more likely to delay your next cleaning session as a result. If you do it in small chunks, you’re more likely to repeat it sooner and not dread it.

Perhaps focus on the kitchen one day; cleaning it spotless, and on the bedrooms the next time. Cleaning broken down into small chunks is less of a loathsome job than a whole house cleaning.

Don’t do it all yourself

man and woman cleaning kitchen

If you don’t live on your own, don’t clean on your own. Get those who live with you to do their part in cleaning. Get everyone to clean up after themselves when they eat, get them to also clean and tidy their rooms, and share other common duties like vacuuming and bathroom cleanings.

Cleaning shared is less of a chore and more routine. Get your household into a routine where everyone has a responsibility in cleaning, so it is never the chore of one person.

Hire eMop professionals

If none of those tips motivate you to start wiping and dusting, why not hire eMop professionals to do all the cleaning for you. They will clean every inch of your home and leave it sparkling while you focus your energy on other things.

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