Post-Christmas Cleanup: Advice and Tips

The festivities are over and now you are beginning to think about all the chores ahead of you. Don’t panic, it’s not as bad as it looks. Approached in the right way and with the right attitude, post-Christmas cleanup can be an easy, fun task.

Christmas decorations on table

Approach it with a smile

Instead of a daunting task, think of it a fun exercise. Put on your favorite music and get yourself into a happy state before starting your work. Getting your mind into a positive state can really eliminate all the anxiety and the uneasiness, so do whatever it takes to set your mind a positive mood first. If you still have a bottle of wine leftover from Christmas, you may want to have a glass first. It will reconnect you to that festive spirit. Now dance away while you clean!

Start by taking down the decorations

Get some empty boxes to put all your decorations in and start stripping away the Christmas tree. Depending on the types of ornaments, you may want to use different boxes, one for the heavy ones and one for the more delicate ones. Remember to wrap the delicate ones to avoid breakage.

You can use wrapping papers, newspapers, or even tissues. In a similar way, take down decorations from other areas of the house, again placing the things you want to keep for next year in boxes.

Wrap your Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard or similar, to avoid a tangled mess. You’ll be grateful for this trick next year when you are not spending ages unwrapping cords.

After you collected all your ornaments, move onto the tree. If you have an artificial tree, wrap it to avoid dust accumulation before storing it away. In the case of a real tree, compost it. If you can’t compost your tree yourself, find out how and when your council collects trees for compost. Composting is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of trees.

lady taking down Christmas decorations

Get rid of the things you don’t need to avoid clutter

Did you end up getting too many presents and items you know you will never use, or already have? Consider donating or selling – yes, some people sell their gifts online – the things you don’t need. Sometimes people keep the new items and get rid of the old ones. If they are still perfectly functioning donate them to charities.

Replace or give away approach is better than keeping items around the house which will take up space without being used.

Start cleaning

cleaning with spray and gloves

Start with the kitchen

Where is the dirtiest and messiest place? Probably the kitchen, we’d think. Start cleaning the kitchen – begin by washing all the dishes. After you washed them, place them in the right cabinets. Then start cleaning the cooker, first the stoves and then the oven. Wipe all surfaces to remove grease and stains.

Remove stains

Check the dining area and living for any carpet stains. In case you feel it is hard o do, consider hiring deep carpet cleaning London. The stains can similarly be seen on other flooring types. Clean it immediately! The longer stains remain, the harder it is to remove them. Apply a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid immediately to remove stains.

If these are stubborn, hard-to-remove stains, it is better you have professionals to remove it. eMop professionals are available 24/7 – place an order and an expert will arrive to remove your stains.

Clean your fridge

Like your kitchen, the fridge is probably also a mess. Start going through the content of your fridge and toss out any expired food and things you will not eat. You don’t want to leave anything to rot away in there.

Clean the floors

Hoover the carpets and start mopping the floors. Dedicate more time to the kitchen floor, carefully mopping off all the stains and grease.

If you prefer to relax and not go through any of this cleaning, order an eMop cleaning service. Our professional cleaners will do an excellent job and get your home into a sparking state quickly.

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