eMop’s Studio Cleaning Offer

We’re happy to announce details of our latest offer for those living in studios. At eMop, we are committed to making our customers happy. We understand that sometimes in order to achieve customer satisfaction, we have to make alteration to our service. This is why we have introduced our latest cleaning offer: studio cleaning. Studio cleaning saves you up to 20% of the average cleaning costs.

If you’re a studio owner, or you rent one, what can you expect to receive from our latest offer?

2 hours of cleaning

If you own a studio flat, the chances of us spending more than 2 hours at your property is slim, so that is why we’re offering a two-hour cleaning package. With this package, you don’t need to choose a room or specific places in your studio to be cleaned. It is a Two-hour general cleaning of the studio.

Cleaning products are included

Your studio cleaning booking includes the cleaning products. Your cleaner will arrive with his/her cleaning products, so you don’t need to purchase them prior to their arrival. What’s more, our cleaning products are eco-friendly, which means you and the environment are protected from harmful chemicals and substances.

You can add additional services

You can also choose to add additional services such as microwave cleaning, laundry service and for the cleaner to bring equipment like hoover and mop. All add-ons and/or extra time will be charged according to the tariff, which takes into consideration the time and date.

How to book your studio cleaning:

Booking with us is simple: you just go on our platform, choose studio cleaning and let us know if you require any additional services.

We all love clean spaces and places, but we sometimes don’t have the time, or simply hate doing the work to get our home into a clean state. That’s why cleaning service providers like eMop exist. Book an eMopper (our cleaners) now and have your studio cleaned, spotless!



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