Subscribe to Regular Cleaning and Get Up to £70 Cash Back

We value our customers and we are always looking to find ways to satisfy their needs. Our latest offer, to ensure customer satisfaction, is up to £70 cash back when you subscribe to our regular cleaning service. With regular cleaning subscription, you truly get the best of our cleaning service.

Here is what to expect, along with your £70 cash back…

Lower cost

When you subscribe to our 6 month subscription plan, you save more on the cost of your cleaning. For example, if you book weekly cleaning session on the subscription plan, it will cost you £14 per hour. However, if you book a one-off cleaning session, next-day session is a £15 per hour work. And a same-day will cost £25 per hour!

You will get the same cleaner

When you book a subscription plan, you will not only get up to £70 cash back, but you also get a cleaner who is familiar. Our regular subscribers get the same cleaner. In the rare case that they are not available for a session due to unforeseen circumstances, we will replace them with another cleaner.

Your cleaning session is guaranteed

As a subscriber, your cleaning session is guaranteed! You book a regular time and date, and your assigned cleaner schedules this in their work diary.

You can change your cleaner

If, for whatever reason, you become unhappy with your allocated cleaner, we will replace them.

All of our cleaners are experienced and have been trained, and many of them receive very positive feedback from our customers. For our regular subscribers, we do our best to ensure they are satisfied with their cleaner.

Book a regular cleaning session now and enjoy all of these benefits and, of course, the up-to-£70 cash back.






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