A Dead Bird Sketch

eMop’s website offers a chat service where customers can communicate through a chat box and leave special requests. For instance, some people request to change the bed linen or clean the microwave. But one message was quite out of the ordinary.

Customer: “Hello, there’s a dead bird on my balcony. Could you send me a cleaner to clean it up as soon as possible?”

eMop: “Hello, we are sorry about your bird. Yes, we can send someone over to clean up the balcony, you just need to place the order on our website.”

Customer: “It is not my bird, I was not acquainted with it. Send me someone, the sooner the better!”

Unfortunately, eMop doesn’t render pest control services. eMop is unable to remove any deceased birds, cats, squirrels’ aardvarks or giraffes that randomly end up in your home. However, eMop promises to make your house clean and sparkly within a couple of hours.

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