Children, Pets and Eco-Friendly Enviroment

Most of the cleaning materials that we use everyday to clean our homes consist of very “aggressive” ingredients that help us to achieve immediate effect. All this stuff is not eco-friendly. We cannot see it, because we are used to all these cleaning liquids, powders and pastes. However, children and pets are much more sensitive to such things.

When we were choosing cleaning materials for our service, we looked for the stuff that would be safe for everybody, including pets. And we have found such materials!

They are high-quality and highly regarded cleaning products produced with eco-friendly ingredients, and they have been tested by experts and us. These products don’t have an immediate cleaning effect, and will need to stay for a few minutes on the surface before they can remove dirt, but our cleaners are patient.

eMop – new way in home cleaning service. We only use eco-friendly cleaning products.

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