8 Cleaning Tips for House Sharers

House sharing is not easy – and it is even more difficult when strangers, often overworked and stressed in busy cities like London, share the space. Many conflicts can arise and cleaning is often a source of arguments. To avoid confrontations over cleaning, follow our 8 tips to create a peaceful home if you are living with other house sharers. Or consider hiring end of tenancy cleaning services London and share the costs.

1. Create a cleaning schedule

cleaning schedule for house sharers

One of the best ways to avoid conflicts over cleaning when sharing a property with other people is to create a cleaning schedule. Make your schedule fair and ensure everyone is happy with the chores, this way they are more likely to respect it. Stick it or place it somewhere everyone can see it – a fridge is always a good place.

You can also use an app to help you stay organised. Some apps will send you reminders, so you never forget when it’s your turn to clean.

2. Hire professional cleaners

An even better way to keep the peace is to hire a professional cleaner. The professional cleaner will not only help you to avoid arguments over cleaning duties, but they will also do a much better job. They are trained and so will achieve a better result that everyone is happy with.

They will also free up your time, so you can do more enjoyable things. And by sharing the cost of the bill with your housemates, you will be paying little for a great service.

3. Clean together

Make cleaning fun by doing it together. Not only will you get the job done faster, but you will get to know each other, too. Housemates that spend time together have a more pleasant home experience.

Have a chat while one of you cleans the fridge and another one cleans the oven – and if three people are doing the job, maybe the other one wipes the surfaces.

4. Set rules for parties and large gatherings

housemates' dinner part

The cleanup after a party can be a nightmare and nobody ever looks forward to it. Unless everyone at the property is invited to it, then the cleanup responsibility should fall on the organiser. Have a conversation at the beginning of your tenancy and set the rules for parties and large gatherings.

Nobody wants to wake up on a Saturday morning to a kitchen full of dirty dishes and empty bottles scattered everywhere. Avoid these kinds of situations by speaking with your housemates and creating rules everyone is happy with.

5. Share the cost of the cleaning products

Grabbing the odd product whenever you’re out shopping may work for a while, but soon someone will feel they are shouldering the cost of cleaning products.

Make a list of the items needed, let one of you purchase it, and then split the cost. You will never have an argument over cleaning products.

6. Create your own products to dissolve dirt

eco-friendly cleaning

Get creative with your housemates and start creating your own cleaning products. Natural products like baking soda and vinegar can produce great cleaning products. Have a weekend to bond over a few experiments. As we grow more conscious about the cleaning products we use in our homes, many of us are opting for natural alternatives.

There are many recipes online, some on here, that you can try and test. See if they work for you, too.

7. Listen to music while you clean

Listening to music can have a calming effect and it can also make difficult chores easier to handle. This is because you are doing them while listening to music you enjoy, which helps your mind to relax.

And your housemates will all know when you are doing the cleaning as they listen to you sing along to your favorite songs!

8. Cleanup after yourself

Clean up after yourself as often as you can, this way there isn’t a need for a big cleanup. Rinse the bathroom after you use it. Wash your plate after you eat and any pots and cutlery used. By doing the dishes after use, you avoid having piles of dishes everywhere.

As an environmentally-conscious company, we also like that people avoid using the dishwasher whenever possible.

Also, wipe surfaces after use and tidy as much as you can. The fewer big cleanups you have to do, the better for everyone.

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