Why Rating Our Cleaners Helps Us and Our Clients

We really cannot stress enough how important it is to leave a rating to indicate your level of satisfaction with your assigned cleaners. The ratings enable us to improve our services where possible and reward our best performing cleaners.

A few reasons to leave rating for cleaners:

To reward your cleaner who has done an excellent job

If your cleaner has done a great work, reward them by giving them a good rating. This makes them happy, knowing you appreciated their work, and it lets us know they are doing a great job!

Ratings help us to improve our services

By letting us know how well our cleaners have performed, you will help to improve the services we offer. By identifying the underperforming cleaners, we can either offer the level of support they need to improve their performance or let them go.

On the other hand, if a cleaner consistently receives a good rating, we reward them for their service.

You are more likely to keep the same cleaner

If you are satisfied, you are more likely to keep the same cleaner. This means you will receive the same cleaning quality every time.

Our cleaners enjoy returning to the properties of loyal clients, knowing their work will always be appreciated.

Good ratings also get us the approval from search engines

Good ratings also help us to rank higher on search engines. This will enable us to reach more clients and leave more homes spotless clean!

If you are satisfied with our cleaning service make sure to leave a good review, so our wonderful cleaners’ hard work can be appreciated by more clients.

If you have never tried our service before, book a cleaner now. We offer a range of services to meet your needs, including same-day booking for urgent cleaning and 24/7 availability.


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