How You Can Introduce ‘Reuse and Recycle’ Philosophy into Your Life Part 2

In the second part of our ‘Reuse and Recycle’ Philosophy, we are going to discuss recycling. If you missed the 1st part, read it here.

There are four main categories of what you can recycle. So let’s discuss them here.

Plastic is truly becoming one of the most dangerous problems on the Earth. Plastic bottles decompose for 450 years! We use things made from plastic every day, so it’s really important to recycle as much as you can.

There are different types of plastic, but the main are:
PET – water bottles and/or oil bottles are made from it.
HDPE – plastic bags, dishes, containers are often made from it.
PVC – some bottles for cleaning products are made from it.

You can collect all your plastic items in the recycling bin or directly deposit it in the recycling centre. Before throwing plastic bottles away you should wash them.

Did you know that glass decomposes for 1000 years? It’s incredible but true. Maybe it’s better to reuse glass bottles but let’s see how can we recycle them.

We can divide them into three types: green, brown and transparent. It’s better to recycle them separately.
You can put glass bottles into the recycling bins near your house or into the glass-recycling banks in the supermarkets.

We live in the 21st century where books, mail, documents and photos can be online. But paper is still important in our lives. Before throwing a sheet of paper away (even in a recycling bin) you should think of ways you can use it again. For example, print on both sides of paper or give these sheets to your children to draw on them.

You can collect paper in your recycling bin and then send it to the recycling centre. Of course, the best advice is to use less paper.

Cans made from aluminum decompose for nearly 500 years. The metal items are separated into two groups: magnetic ones (steel, iron) and non-magnetic ones (aluminum).

To recycle these items you should wash them and then put them in the necessary bin or take it to the nearest recycling centre.

You can see that recycling can be very easy and as simple as taking an item and placing it in the right bin. And as recycling benefits the earth, it would be great if we all do this.

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