How You Can Introduce ‘Reuse and Recycle’ Philosophy into Your Life

Taking care of the environment is really important responsibility nowadays. 400 million tonnes of rubbish are collected in the UK every year. And only 44% of that rubbish is recycled. That means the other 56% go into rubbish dumps, stay lying somewhere, collecting dust or are moved to other countries. 

Rubbish impacts our health and environment: bacteria and insects thrive in the garbage. The toxic substances form in the air causing various diseases. While waste contaminates water and soil, causing many fish and animals to die of unnatural causes. To sum up, the situation is bad and we need to act quickly.

There are things we can’t control as individuals, like factory pollution, but we can start with little steps like reusing and recycling.

reduce, reuse, recycle plastic bottles

These are the 5 Rs of zero waste management:

REFUSE what you don’t need
REDUCE what you use
REUSE what you already have
RECYCLE what you can
ROT, let the rest rot – make a compost

In an ideal world, these steps would be performed to their full efficiency. Although we understand that not everybody is in the position to make a compost, we still believe that the other steps can be followed by most us.

In the future, we will discuss in more detail about how to follow these steps to their full advantage, but today let’s stick with the basics.


It’s not only environmentally friendly to repair torn clothing rather than buying something new, it also makes sense from a personal standpoint. If your favourite pair of jeans has a rip, you could buy a new pair, but you could also make a new pair of shorts, or a fashionable new bag… your options are endless – it’s only a Google search away!

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