6 Cleaning Habits to Adapt to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

During these testing times, it is important we remain extremely mindful when it comes to our cleaning regime. As coronavirus (covid-19) reaches one million worldwide, we are increasingly more likely to come across someone infected. It is therefore important that, we not only limit our contact with others, but maintain regular cleaning habits to stop the spread of covid-19.

Here, at eMop, we are giving you 6 regular cleaning habits you should adapt to stop the spread of covid-19. Follow our tips and minimise the risk of spreading covid-19.

1. Wash your hands every time you come home

hand sanitiser to fight covid-19

When you go out, you will come into contact with foreign substances that include harmful bacteria and viruses such as covid-19, so it’s important to remove them from your hands as soon as you walk in. Other than your key, don’t touch anything else when you walk in – head straight to the tap and clean your hands thoroughly.

2. Clean communal areas frequently

We all have our own spaces, like the bedrooms, but there are other areas of the house that we share, like the bathroom and kitchen. If there are more than two people living in your house, make a habit of cleaning communal areas frequently.

Clean and disinfect kitchen surfaces and bathrooms, these are the common areas we are most likely to catch each other’s germs.

3. Wipe doorknobs

cat next to door handle

Doorknobs are used regularly, and by more than one person, so it’s important to clean and wipe them. Clean and wipe doorknobs to remove the bacteria and the germs that gather there.

4. Don’t leave your home without a hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser to stay clean

Don’t leave your house without a hand sanitiser for a long time! If you intend to be out for a long time, make sure you take a hand sanitiser with you, or alternatively wear disposal gloves. It will enable you to limit the spread of germs.

5. Wash your clothes

Wash the clothes you wear outside more often than you would have to avoid the spread viruses and germs. Here, at eMop, we like to promote an eco-friendly living, but at times like now when our safety comes first, we prefer you stay safe. Washing is highly recommended by health advisers and we support this advice. Wearing the same item 2 or 3 times is OK if you never came into close contact with anyone, or outdoor surfaces, but if you do then it is wise to place those items in your washing machine.

6. Kitchen countertops

We highly recommend you regularly clean and wipe kitchen countertops. This is where you prepare your food, and it can sometimes be a breeding ground for bacteria. Covid-19 is zoonotic virus, meaning it is transmitted from animals to humans. Some of our foods, from eggs to meat, come directly from animals. It is therefore important we clean kitchen countertops before we prepare a meal, and after, to contain the spread of any germs.

For other helpful tips and advice on how to stop the spread of covid-19 in your home, please see our earlier article here.

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