Reward Program Terms&Conditions

  1. For every client that successfully refers a friend to use the eMop Cleaning Service Platform they will receive 10 points credits. Successful referral means that the friend signed up, booked, cleaning completed, and the client was successfully charged for the job.
  2. A Bonus Account is opened automatically for every client after the first booking is completed.
  3. Points on the Bonus Account are used for the upcoming booking automatically.
  4. The amount in the Bonus Account can cover the full price of booking if funds on the Bonus Account are sufficient. Otherwise, the cost of cleaning is covered by available bonus points and the balance has to be paid by card.
  5. If a client has any discount from eMop, this discount is automatically used to cover the cost of upcoming cleaning. If the final amount of the cleaning is higher than the discount, the system checks available bonus points on the Bonus Account and covers the difference in case of sufficient bonus funds. In case of insufficient bonus funds, the client pays the difference between the discount, the bonus points and the final price of cleaning.
  6. If the discount provided to the client by eMop is higher than the factual price, the difference between the final price and the discount goes to the Bonus Account. The client can use this discount for the next booking.
  7. Any penalty fee provided by the Cancellation Policy may be covered by the points from the Bonus Account.  In case of insufficient bonus funds on the Bonus Account, the client pays the difference of penalty fee by money.
  8. In case of cancellation. the booking the points from the Bonus Account used to cover the cost of cleaning are returned to the Bonus Account. In case of the booking rescheduled, the same rule is applied.
  9. eMop reserves the rights to change the rules of the Reward Program.