Steps to Make Your Wardrobe More Ethical

As a first step you may want to do a small research, there are plenty of websites offering ethical lifestyle to help you with your research. Learn about the brands that care about their workers, the environment and the social effects of their industry. Just dive into this eco-movement!

Buying something new shouldn’t be the next step. You already have many pairs of jeans, t-shirts, boots, jackets and so on. To make an ethical wardrobe you should take care of these items and repair them when you can.

When you need something new, look through the items that you already have – among these items may be what you need. Also consider exchanging items with friends and relatives. They may have what you need and vice versa.

It’s also a great idea to visit garage sales or even have one yourself. It’s like a party with great benefits for everyone. Some people purchase nice clothes at low cost, while others get rid of unused clothes and make some money.

Alternatively, go to a second-hand or a vintage shop. You can find many interesting brands and unique things that nobody else has, right on the high street.

If you want to buy something new, choose only what you really love and focus on high-quality and durable pieces. It’s obviously better to buy one good thing instead of many low-quality items that will serve you for only a few months.

Our take-home advice:

If you are buying, invest in well-made basics that will match most of the clothes you already have. Buy timeless, not trendy. And always consider who made your clothes.

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