How to Clean your House Like a Professional

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Cleaning a house is routine and that can be exhausting sometimes, but it’s a necessary chore. So, how do you approach this chore and make your home a pleasant place? This problem has an easy solution: approach the cleaning process as positively and rationally as possible.

Cleaning brings your home to a state of harmony and removes, not only all the rubbish, but also any negative energy that may have accumulated.

How to Clean Your House – Cleaning Tips

Below we provide a list of tips that will help you to quickly, and easily, clean your home:

  • Create a cleaning plan. Walk around the apartment and make note of the places that require urgent attention
  • Keep track of the time, using a timer, and do several actions simultaneously

A Step by Step Cleaning ChecklistHow to Clean Your House Fast

Let’s create your approximate work plan. Start by cleaning the interior doors, window sills, windows, radiators, and washing curtains. Then pay attention to the shelves, tables and cabinets, in addition to wiping the dust. You will still need to put everything in place and be sure to throw out what you don’t need.

Follow this by cleaning the bathroom, toilet and hallway. You will need to wash the toilet, bath, and sink thoroughly. The next stage should be the kitchen. Maximum attention should be paid to the stove and fridge. Then clean the floors with a vacuum and mop them.


mopping wooden floor

If you want to clean faster, choose a convenient mop, and learn how to use it correctly:

  • When mopping floors, draw an eight with a mop to collect all the debris in the centre, rather than to smear it all over the surface
  • Regularly rinse the mop in a bucket of water with a small amount of detergent, and then squeeze it thoroughly


Vacuuming blue carpet

If you have a vacuum cleaner with a dust collector, make sure that it is not more than two-thirds full, so clean the container in advance and change the bag. Thus you will increase the efficiency of the household appliance.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a somewhat tedious procedure that, if done properly, requires serious preparation and considerable efforts invested. The perfect procedure would look something like this.

  1. Move the furniture wherever possible to insure that maximum carpet surface is available for cleaning
  2. Carefully inspect the carpet surface to identify key spots to focus your cleaning efforts on, like heavy soiling, stanes and their types and so forth.
  3. Pre-vacuum to remove the surface dust and rubish.
  4. Spray the key spots with specialized detergents and provide time for them to take effect.
  5. Vacuum the carpet again to remove the detergents and the soiling.
  6. Manually clean places and spots that require special attention

Please beware, that many professional grade detergents require both access to them and skill in using them. Also in many cases carpets require serious manual work in the process of their cleaning. So consider using services like carpet cleaning in London, to save you time, effort and potential injury.

The Best Way to Clean Dust

Perhaps you have noticed that simply wiping the dust from a smooth surface is often ineffective. Small particles rise into the air and after a while settle on the shelves, cabinets, tables, and other furniture. To avoid this problem, learn how to dust properly:

  • A large amount of dust accumulates in the upper corners of each room. In the second stage of cleaning, it is necessary to clean these problem areas
  • Cabinets and window sills should be wiped from top to bottom. Do not forget to remove dust from internal surfaces and shelves

Additional tools and aerosols will keep the surface of the furniture perfectly clean for a long time.

Polishing Wooden Furniture

Polishing Wooden Furniture

When cleaning the furniture, use special cleaning products. Remember that only soft products are suitable for cleaning furniture, so no scrubbing, abrasive particles, and chemical components should be used.

As cleaning materials, it is desirable to use these items:

  • Cotton wipes
  • Special polishing wheels
  • Felt and flannel
  • Velvet or fleece

Do not use hard fabrics and materials, paper and brushes to clean furniture, as you risk damaging the surface:

  • Remove dust from the surfaces with a dry cloth, to avoid it entering the pores of the wood during polishing
  • Then apply a certain amount of a cleaner to the material and spread evenly over the surface, without much pressure
  • Start polishing the surface with circular movements, moving from the centre to the edges consistently

Good, and timely, polishing will save your furniture and extend its shelf life. If you are worried you may not be able to do a good and may end up damaging your furniture, call eMop. Commit your precious furniture to the professionals, they will guarantee the best results.

Cleaning Mirrors and Glasses

yellow cleaning gloves with sponge

  • In order to remove the dirt, first, you need to remove the dust and grease from the mirror. It is not enough to spray cleaner on the glass and wipe it with a cloth — in this case, water stains, most likely, cannot be avoided. Therefore, you should take a sponge and some liquid detergent. In any case, do not use any abrasives, as they can scratch the surface. After washing the sponge, remove the detergent from the mirror with a cloth. Then take a napkin (preferably microfiber) and wipe the mirror a couple of times. Remember, it is necessary to rinse the cloth with clean water a few times
  • Cleaning with water: after removing the dirt and the remnants of detergent from the mirror, you need to wipe the surface with clean water
  • Restore the shine: paper allows you to polish the mirror and glass perfectly. Unlike textiles, the paper does not leave particles of fibers and dust on the wet surface. A newspaper is an excellent tool — it has optimal softness, and it absorbs excess moisture without disintegrating. Instead of newspapers, you can also use paper towels

Cleaning Floors

General recommendations:

  • Clear the working area. First, remove all unnecessary things from the floor, then move the chairs, tables, and floor lamps, and any other furniture, to another room, and take out the garbage
  • Sweep the floor
  • Add detergent to a bucket of water
  • Start washing the floor from the most remote corners of the room, gradually moving to the centre

Cleaning the Bathroom

clean bathroom after professional cleaning

It’s no surprise that the bathroom is considered one of the most used places in your home. There are some effective ways to keep it clean.

Cleaning the toilet

  • Pour detergent under the rim of the toilet bowl and into the drain hole, distribute it with a brush and leave it for 10-15 minutes
  • While the detergent disinfects the toilet bowl, wash the seat and cover. Wipe the seat, cover and rim from all sides

Cleaning the sink

First, empty the soap holder and wash it, and remove any residues. Then wipe the sink with a sponge on which a little dishwashing detergent has been applied. Dishwashing detergent is non-aggressive and does not leave stains. It is not necessary to wash it off.

Cleaning the Shower

Apply a drop of dishwashing detergent to a large sponge, walk through the bathroom, removing the water along the way where it has accumulated. With a microfiber cloth, walk over the metal fittings, including the shower hose.

Cleaning the Kitchen

family cleaning kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest and dustiest places in the home, and cleaning here should be done thoroughly.

Follow these tips:

  • Get rid of dust and dirt on fixtures, fridge and kitchen cabinets
  • Wash the sink (wash it carefully, especially around the drain hole, make sure there is no dirt there, and pour detergent into the drain itself)
  • Get rid of dirt on small household appliances (blender, toaster…)
  • Wash the inside and outside of the microwave
  • Change kitchen towels, apron, and tablecloths to clean ones
  • If there are napkins for serving, wash them
  • Put items in order on the shelves and drawers of the kitchen set, and make sure they are washed
  • Pay attention to the fridge: get rid of any expired products, wash shelves, egg stands and compartments for vegetables and fruits

Cleaning the Bedroom

Start from the top:

  • Dust all fixtures, cabinets and other furniture
  • Change bed linen
  • Clean all glass and mirror furniture items

Don’t forget to clean up:

  • Make sure that things are in the right place
  • Ensure closets, dresser drawers and bedside tables are clean
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor
  • Wash it thoroughly (don’t forget to go under the bed and bedside tables!)

Finally, consider using services of London upholstery cleaners to ensure that everything is done properly and to save you time for other, more important, tasks.

Washing the Windows

professional window cleaners

  • Wash the windows on both sides

Shining the inside of the glass will be of little use if there are dirt and stains on the other side of the window.

  • Start washing the window from the outside
  • Use gloves

In terms of gloves, whilst wet cleaning — use rubber ones, during the wiping stage use cotton gloves. Rubber will protect your hands from contact with detergents. Cotton will protect the clean surface of the glass from your fingers.

  • Use a special cleaner

If you do not have a special tool for washing windows at hand, do not despair! The dirt can be easily washed off with a conventional soap solution. It is even better to use dishwashing detergent. Its only drawback is a lot of foam which means it will take a lot of time to wash it off. Try to dilute 20-30 ml of liquid soap in a small amount of water. To prepare a soap solution from ordinary soap, soak a small piece overnight in hot water.

  • Wipe windows with paper towels

If you carefully wipe the window with soft paper or a napkin, you will be able to achieve perfect cleanliness: the paper will erase all stains, even the most complex.

Cleaning Schedule Tips

If you want to organise your housework, creating a plan for cleaning the house makes sense:

  • Select the main areas in the apartment: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet
  • Determine which areas should be cleaned more often
  • Purchase quality cleaning products. You must have a good mop, a reliable vacuum cleaner, all the necessary chemicals, gloves, etc
  • Devote no more than 15 minutes to cleaning every day
  • If you want to make cleaning more interesting, listen to music or audiobooks
  • To spend time even better you can use tenancy cleaning in london service and go meet your friends

If you are concerned about the safety of your home cleaning products, we recommend you call the professionals from eMop. eMop provides fast and high-quality domestic cleaning service with eco-friendly products that have been thoroughly checked.

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