Your Loss, Your Neighbour’s Gain

It was another busy morning at eMop HQ in London when an email arrived in our inbox. It was from a client. He said he’d booked a cleaner to arrive at 9am to tidy his house. But it was now 10 am with no cleaner in sight. This was unusual.

This cleaner takes pride in her punctuality. It was also a tad puzzling because the cleaner didn’t phone in to say that she would be delayed. We called up Isabel (pseudonym) to see if she was OK and why she wasn’t at the client’s house.

The call went as follows:

eMop customer service: “Hi, Isabel! Where are you now?”

Isabel: “I’m at work, cleaning”

eMop customer service: “Where are you cleaning?”

Isabel: “What do you mean? I’m at the client’s flat!”

eMop customer service: “Who’s the client? Can you send us the address?”

Isabel sent us a screen-grab from her eMop app with the order details. Sure enough the street name was the same as in the client’s email. But the house number was not. The client had entered the wrong address during the booking!

eMop customer service: “Isabel, you’re in the wrong house. Get out now!”

Apparently Isabel had turned up at 9am on the dot, at the address provided by the client. As chance would have it Isabel was greeted by a friendly woman who didn’t speak any English, but was still happy to let her into the house, pointing out specific furniture for Isabel to clean. Presumably she identified Isabel as a cleaner because all our staff have matching eMop uniforms.

By the time eMop called Isabel she was already half-way done, meaning the client’s lucky neighbour got a free eMop cleaning. As for the client’s own house, we cleaned it the following day, after he re-booked with his correct address.

The upshot is, when booking an appointment with eMop, please make sure your details are accurate. Otherwise your loss, may end up being your neighbour’s gain!

Have you ever received anything for free by mistake? Any wild or wacky experiences either as a client, or a cleaner? Do let us know and we’ll share your stories.

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