A Constructive Approach to Cleaning

So, you’ve recently had a big clean up – you’ve washed the floors, done the dishes, made your bed, did the laundry and dedusted all the furniture. Your clothes are all neatly piled up and your home is sparkling clean.

Unfortunately within a few days the mess is created again, so you repeat the cleaning process. At some point you become extremely tired and the dirt increases. This cycle is recreated overtime.

Does this sound like a familiar situation? If the answer is yes, here are simple steps to end this cycle.

Look at your house when it’s dirty. Where/ what are the problem areas? Make a list of them.

For examples, you may find these three:

1. Your child’s room. Yes, toys are everywhere!
2. Dirty dishes. You come home and you’re tired and washing the dishes is not your priority.
3. Clothes you wear on daily basis. Somehow they never seem to make it into the wardrobe.

Let’s think about how you can solve these issues. For the next few weeks try to focus only on these areas every day and see how it goes.

The solutions can be as simple as the following:

1. Ask your child to clean their room after playing. Try to make this routine fun and interesting. During the first few days you can help them a little, just to get them into a routine.

2. Instead of letting dirty dishes accumulate, you can wash them after every meal. Or make a schedule in your family with the days of the week and the person who washes the dishes on that day.

3. You can create a checklist of the days you’ve put or didn’t put your clothes into the wardrobe after work. Every night before sleeping make a tick or a cross. And if you don’t want to write a cross today, do the daily task just after you’ve seen the checklist. Put them in the wardrobe.

And remember these are only a few examples of the ways you can deal with these issues. Find the ones that will work for you.

After trying these ideas, analyse if they had helped you. If your problem areas are different, try similar methods.

After the reorganisation of your cleaning habits you’ll have more free time, and the need for big cleaning will become a thing of the past.

If these ideas helped you, share with your friends.

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