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What is included in move-In cleaning in Leeds?

  • Deep cleaning and dusting of all surfaces such as skirting boards, walls, ceiling, and limescale on tiles and taps.

  • Cleaning and polishing windows, mirrors, and any glass surfaces.

  • Deep cleaning of appliances: oven and hob, microwave, fridge, freezer.

  • Removing mould and grease from wall tiles, plus wash down and polish.

  • Cleaning exterior of all kitchen appliances such as kettle & toaster.

  • Taking out the rubbish from the house premises.

  • Removing cobwebs and dust from the ceiling.

  • Cleaning plugs, sockets, light switches & fittings, and lamp shades.

  • Washing windows internally, including sills and ledges.

Cashback up to £150

Prices for move-In cleaning in Leeds

from £15/h

  • Next day

    Any day from tomorrow (8 am - 9 pm)


  • Same day

    Today, in 4h minimum (8 am - 9 pm)


  • Peak

    High demand


  • Night

    Any day (9 pm - 8 am)


  • End of tenancy

    Applicable Tariff + End of Tenancy Charge



Move-In cleaning service in Leeds

Our standard cleaning service includes everything you need to get your home in order as quickly as possible. You can book additional services when you make your booking.


How eMop cleaning service works

Submit your booking online

  • Enter postcode
  • Choose a type of cleaning
  • Select a cleaning schedule
  • Choose rooms to get an estimated price
  • Select additional cleaning services if you need them
  • Indicate the level of dirt in your property

Pay as You Go

  • The estimated amount of your booking will be held in your bank account
  • You will only be charged after the cleaning session is completed and according to the actual time a cleaner worked

Manage your booking online

  • When you submit your cleaning request, your booking becomes available to all cleaners in the system
  • When you make an appointment with a cleaner, we email you or send a text message through the app
  • You can use MyAccount on our website or the eMop App to keep track of your booking

What clients say about our cleaning service

Why choose eMop cleaning service in Leeds?

24/7 Availability

Pick a date and time that suits you. You can even book for same day cleaning, 4 hours in advance

Pay as You Go

We charge clients only for the actual time a cleaner spends at your property

Bespoke Service

You can choose which rooms you wish us to clean and book only the services you need

Last minute cleaning

Need urgent cleaning? You can make a booking 4 hours in advance


How does a move-in cleaning service work?

Online Estimate and Booking

Obtaining a move-in clean is a simple procedure. An online quote and reservation are the first steps. Simply go to our website and provide the essential information, including your property's dimensions, the number of rooms, and any particular cleaning services you may need.
We will provide you with an exact estimate for the service based on this data. If you're happy with the quote, you can book the move-in clean online whenever it's convenient for you.

Professional Clean

Our crew of seasoned cleaners will visit your new residence on the appointed day with all the essential cleaning supplies and machinery. Your home's floors, walls, windows, kitchen, bathrooms, and other living areas will all be given a thorough cleaning by our professionals.
Our seasoned cleaners pay close attention to detail and make sure that your new house is completely cleaned and sanitized, producing a fresh and pleasant environment for you and your family.

Finishing Up

Our trained professionals will perform a final inspection once the cleaning procedure is complete to make sure that everything satisfies our stringent requirements. They will take care of any spots that need more attention right away.
Our staff will leave your home spotless and prepared for your move-in once you are happy with the outcomes. Now that cleaning is no longer a chore, you can enjoy a clean and sanitary living environment.

Why choose eMop for new house cleaning?

eMop cleaners
  • Professional and Reliable Service

    Cleaning services from eMop are competent, dependable, and fully insured. Your cleaning jobs will be addressed with great quality and attention to detail thanks to our team of seasoned and background-checked cleaners.

  • Comfort and Flexibility

    You have the ease of scheduling cleaning services with eMop online. You can select a time that works for you thanks to our flexible scheduling choices. The prompt service provided by eMop guarantees that your cleaning will be finished within the scheduled window of time.

  • Price transparency

    Pricing from eMop is open and reasonable. Our fee schedule is determined by the size of the property and the particular cleaning jobs needed. You can always get an accurate price for the services you require without worrying about any unexpected fees.

  • Eco-friendly method

    Environmentally friendly cleaning methods are important to eMop. Our cleaners employ eco- friendly cleaning supplies that are secure for your house and the environment. By deciding on eMop, you support sustainability initiatives and improve the quality of the environment where you live.

  • Client satisfaction

    Customers have consistently expressed pleasure with eMop. Our service is well-regarded, and customers, even estate agents, have complimented our professionalism, effectiveness, and calibre of work. All of our customers receive the highest calibre of customer care from us, and our amiable staff always tries to help.

living room
living room

Move-In Cleaning Service Checklist

Living Room & Bedroom

  • Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

  • Clean the doors and their tops.

  • Remove any dust from wooden furniture's skirting boards.

  • Internally clean windows, including the ledges and sills.

  • Clean the interior, outside, and tops of any cabinets or wardrobes.

  • Tidy curtain rails, picture rails, cornices, and coving.

  • Clean and polish photos and mirrors.


  • Clean work surfaces.

  • Clean units & cabinets.

  • Clean drawers, fixtures, and shelves.

  • Mop tiles, interior windows, doors, and skirting.

  • Clean sink and taps.

  • Empty bins.

  • Clean glass, light fixtures, and fittings.

  • Remove cobwebs.

living room
living room

Hallways & Stairways

  • Remove the dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

  • Clean the picture rail, curtain rails, and cornice.

  • Inspect and polish mirrors.

  • Clean window sills, ledges, and interiors.

  • Arrange cushions and vacuum and clean the upholstery underneath.

  • Clean the doors and their tops.

  • Clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Toilets & Bathrooms

  • Remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

  • Clean the bathtub and remove limescale.

  • Descale the shower screen and cabinet, and give them a thorough cleaning.

  • Disinfect the toilet inside and out.

  • Shine taps and clean and descale sinks.

  • Clean tiles, get rid of mold and wipe them.

living room
living room

Get more with our extra services

If you need any extra services, our cleaning team can make it happen. Check out our extra cleaning checklist below:

  • Cleaning fridge (inside & outside)

  • Cleaning windows

  • Ironing

  • Laundry

  • Cleaning microwave

  • Cleaning kitchen

  • Arranging bookcases

  • Bed making

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Oven cleaning

  • Grill cleaning

  • Outdoor cleaning

Let the results amaze you!

At eMop, we take great pleasure in our focus on the little things and dedication to complete customer satisfaction. With the time and work saved, you can concentrate on settling into your new home with the help of our move-in cleaning services. To schedule an appointment and enjoy a spotless and pleasant environment right away, call or email us right now.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a move-in cleaning service cost?

Several factors, including the size of the property, the degree of cleaning needed, and the location, might affect the price of new house cleaning services. For detailed pricing information, it is better to obtain a free estimate from our website.

Do I need to hire professional move-in cleaners before moving in?

To ensure a tidy and hygienic living space, it is advised to bring in professional cleaners before moving in. They will assist you and give your new house a fresh start by removing dust, filth, and other possible allergens.

I need my carpets cleaned with my move-in clean. Can you help?

Yes, there are two different carpet cleaning options that we offer: basic one & professional carpet cleaning. The distinction is that basic cleaning uses less expensive, rapid equipment to give the carpets a short once-over. Professional carpet cleaning is the best choice if you need comprehensive tenancy carpet cleaning, spot treatment, or more.

What are your move-in cleaning operating hours?

You can get in touch with us whenever you want. Our cleaning crews are on duty every day of the week. Our team is ready to step out early enough. The cleaning service begins at 8:00 AM and goes till as late as 8:00 PM.

Do you provide cleaning materials and equipment?

Our professional move-in cleaning teams do indeed arrive at the job site well-prepared. If you already have any cleaning supplies, please let us know when you book a service so that we can ensure our cleaners have the right tools and supplies on hand.

How long will the cleaning take?

The time needed for a move-in clean can vary depending on a number of variables, including the size of the property, its current state, the quality of cleanliness sought, and how many cleaners will be cleaning the property. However, an estimated time of 6 to 12 hours will be sufficient for the cleaning.

Do I need to be at the property?

Not really. Our cleaners can carry out the move-in or tenancy cleaning service if you are not at home. However, you will need to provide them with access to your property. You can also mention that you won't be present while you’re booking our services.

Cleaning is no longer your burden

cleaning in no longer your burden