One-Off Deep Cleaning in Glasgow

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What is included in deep cleaning in Glasgow?

  • Dusting all furniture including bottoms and sides

  • Clean all glass surfaces, including cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms

  • Cleaning appliances if requested, and hoovering or mopping all floors (including hard floors)

  • Sanitising door frames

  • Dusting every surface that's reachable

  • Cleaning windows and mirrors

  • Cleaning kitchenware

  • Folding garments and organising items

  • Removing spiderwebs and sanitising light switches

  • Hoovering carpets, and washing the the floor and skirting boards

  • Emptying the trash

Cashback up to £150

Prices for One-off deep cleaning in Glasgow

from £15/h

  • Next day

    Any day from tomorrow (8 am - 9 pm)


  • Same day

    Today, in 4h minimum (8 am - 9 pm)


  • Peak

    High demand


  • Night

    Any day (9 pm - 8 am)


  • End of tenancy

    Applicable Tariff + End of Tenancy Charge



One-off deep cleaning service in Glasgow

Please note that all the necessary supplies suitable to rapidly organise your home are included in our regular deep cleaning services in Glasgow. When you make your reservation, you can ask for extra services like spring cleaning, deep house cleaning services, office cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and professional carpet cleaning services.


How eMop cleaning service works

Submit your booking online

  • Enter postcode
  • Choose a type of cleaning
  • Select a cleaning schedule
  • Choose rooms to get an estimated price
  • Select additional cleaning services if you need them
  • Indicate the level of dirt in your property

Pay as You Go

  • The estimated amount of your booking will be held in your bank account
  • You will only be charged after the cleaning session is completed and according to the actual time a cleaner worked

Manage your booking online

  • When you submit your cleaning request, your booking becomes available to all cleaners in the system
  • When you make an appointment with a cleaner, we email you or send a text message through the app
  • You can use MyAccount on our website or the eMop App to keep track of your booking

What clients say about our cleaning service


What does the process of One-off deep cleaning look like?


The area is first prepared by eMop's carpet cleaners. Moving light furniture (including heavy furniture sometimes) enabling easy access, and checking the carpet for common stains or special cleaning requirements are all part of this process. They hoover the carpet as well to get rid of any loose dirt or debris especially from areas with heavy foot traffic, remove stains, and give you refreshed carpets.

Carpet cleaning process

Utilising cutting-edge tools and efficient cleaning methods are part of the fundamental carpet cleaning process. Depending on the type of carpet and its state, eMop carpet cleaners frequently use hot water extraction (also known as 'steam cleaning') or dry cleaning techniques.
Hot water and a cleaning solution are injected into the carpet during a hot water extraction, which is then completely extracted. Specialised chemicals or foams may be used in dry cleaning processes.

Finishing touch

eMop carpet cleaners ensure that the carpet dries efficiently after cleaning by using powerful extraction instruments and, if required, air movers. In order to ensure that all stains and spots have been removed and the carpet looks clean and new, our expert carpet cleaning service staff also performs a final inspection.
The comprehensiveness and customer satisfaction of eMop's professional carpet cleaning services make them a trustworthy choice for maintaining the stain- and wear-resistant qualities of your rugs.

Deep Cleaning in Glasgow

eMop cleaners

Whether you need deep cleaning Glasgow services once or often, eMop offers thorough and expert cleaning services in the Glasgow area.

The thought of having to dedicate time to cleaning your house, flat, office, or any other location might be depressing. However, assigning this task to reliable expert cleaners will greatly reduce your workload.

You can be confident that we have staff with the highest standards for the task if you're seeking expert deep cleaning in Glasgow. As the premier and go-to option for deep cleaning in Glasgow, our track record speaks for itself, and we take satisfaction in our approachable yet great service.

When it comes to a one-off clean in Glasgow, eMop is the best choice. We are all aware of how time-consuming and annoying cleaning your property can be.

Our Glasgow cleaners will work on as many things as we can in the allocated time, while also considering your needs and preferences.

Why choose eMop for deep cleaning in Glasgow?

  • We have highly trained cleaners that can provide the high-quality deep cleaning service that our agency is known for.

  • Our deep clean service is one of the best out there; we always get the job done to the best quality in the shortest period of time.

  • Everybody can benefit from the freshness of a clean house at a low cost thanks to our incredibly affordable prices.

  • Glasgow-based landlords, agents, and renters depend on our crew of knowledgeable deep cleaners for both routine and end of tenancy cleaning.

  • Our services offer you the opportunity to select a day and time that works for you. Even on short notice, house cleaning service appointments can be made in advance with our booking system.

  • One of the best things about the eMop professional deep cleaning service is that we can customise our orders to include weekly, fortnightly, or monthly appointments in addition to our one-time visits.

living room
living room

One-Off Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Bedroom

    • Clean all surfaces, polish mirrors, and get rid of fingerprints

    • Organise the bedding

    • Dust light fixtures, doorknobs, and skirting boards

    • Dust and mop the floor

    • Tidying and folding clothes

    • Dusting, sanitising, and shining windows, furniture, and appliances

    • Laundry services

  • Bathrooms

    • Cleaning the bathtub, shower, toilet bowl, and floor

    • Dusting and cleaning every surface that is accessible

    • Cleaning and polishing appliances, tiles, and mirrors

    • Taking out the garbage

    • Cleaning wall tiles

  • Living areas

    • Dusting, cleaning, and polishing doors, light switches, skirting boards, and other surfaces

    • Dusting, sanitising, and shining windows, furniture, and appliances

    • Mop or vacuum the floor, especially under the furniture

    • Emptying and replacing any trash bins

  • Kitchen

    • Cleaning the kitchen sink and faucets, as well as the stove

    • Cleaning and scrubbing the floor

    • Cleaning and polishing every work surface

    • Properly cleaning the oven and the refrigerator

    • Taking out the trash and replacing the bags

    • Cleaning windows and window sills

We have professional cleaners who are dedicated to what they do and take great pride in providing extra services. We can give you unmatched deep cleaning service in Glasgow, and guarantee that your cleaning will be done correctly, regardless of what you need, whether it be commercial or domestic cleaning services in Glasgow.

living room
living room

Areas we cover in Glasgow

We serve the entire city of Glasgow as well as its environs, which includes the following: Airdrie, Bearsden, Blantyre, Bothwell, Cambuslang, East Kilbride, Hamilton, Milngavie, Motherwell, Stirling, Edinburgh, Gourock, Shawlands, Paisley Abbey, and so forth.

Top Tips for Preparing for a Deep Clean

  • To facilitate the cleaning crew's access to all parts of your property, clear out any debris and relocate any items that might be in the way.

  • To avoid losing or misplacing any valuables during the cleaning process, store small personal items like jewellery or cash in a secure spot.

  • Enable the cleaning team to concentrate on areas of your property that need special attention by informing them of your priorities.

  • Before the cleaning team arrives, remove all perishable things from your refrigerator and freezer. This will enable them to deep clean these equipment' interiors completely.

  • Using fans or opening windows will help ensure that your property has enough ventilation while you clean it.

living room
living room

What does the process of deep cleaning look like?

  • Inspection

    eMop’s fully insured personnel prepare the space and make sure all surfaces are reachable before beginning the deep cleaning procedure. So they don’t miss any places during the cleaning, they may gently reorganise the furniture in the agreed-upon order.

    This preparation guarantees that every nook and cranny, high point and low point is prepared for a comprehensive cleaning, laying the groundwork for a deep cleaning session of the highest quality.

  • Proper deep cleaning process

    Dusting, wiping, and sanitising surfaces, furniture, and fixtures are all part of the thorough cleaning that takes place in each room during the main stage.

    eMop’s fully trained and trusted cleaners will remove dirt from and polish faucets, tiles, and appliances in kitchens and bathrooms, leaving these surfaces hygienically clean.

  • Final review

    Our cleaners do a last inspection to make sure everything is immaculate after cleaning in Glasgow. To make the area appear tidy and welcoming, they can put anything that has been moved back into its original location.

Let the results amaze you!

Every Glasgow resident and business owner will understand and appreciate the benefits of our highly recommended deep cleaning services. We equip all our staff with the required tools and materials for all cleaning services. Plus, did you know that our prices are the best around Glasgow? Contact our professional service today.

Frequently asked questions

Does deep cleaning service cover the entire property or certain rooms?

Our deep cleaning service covers every part of your property, leaving no room or space unattended to.

How is your deep cleaning different from a standard regular cleaning?

More than just a standard one-off cleaning, a deep cleaning service involves a comprehensive cleaning of your house. Moving appliances and furniture to clean areas that are typically inaccessible or hidden is what deep cleaners do.

Do you move furniture and thoroughly clean under and behind it during a deep cleaning?

Yes. Our cleaners move furniture and clean under and behind it during a deep clean. It is part of the deep cleaning service.

Do you clean inside kitchen cabinets, drawers, and appliances in a deep cleaning?

As part of our deep cleaning service, our cleaners use special cleaning products to clean the kitchen thoroughly, clearing cabinets and drawers, and moving kitchen appliances to give them a new look.

How much does a deep cleaning service cost compared to a regular cleaning service per hour?

Our deep cleaning prices start at £15/h. This price can change depending on the size of your property, the location, and the cleaning company you’re hiring.

Cleaning is no longer your burden

cleaning in no longer your burden