From idea to implementation. Let’s begin with a name

In 2017 from an employee of a big corporation, I turned into an enthusiastic start-upper. An idea that had come to my mind 13 years before in New York, was coming to life in London.

A friend supported my idea and together we launched the so-called Uber-of-cleaners, which was a platform connecting cleaners and clients like Uber connects taxi and its potential passengers just at a click of a button.

As you can guess the initial business plan had little to do with reality, which is a common thing for start-ups.

We faced numerous challenges every day. Looking back, I’m not sure I’d have the heart to do it again, knowing all the hardships we are to go through. That’s the advantage of ignorance. You lack information that would have frightened you away from your dream and you have nothing to lose. Both the conditions made us brave.

We had very small start-up capital, which attracted investors, but very soon it turned out that a project like ours required not less than a million pounds on the account. What we had at our disposal was several times less.

I had an impression that we were driving a three-wheel car trying to fix the fourth one on the way and restyling the autobody at the same time. Is this feeling familiar to you?

Naming was exciting. We wanted it to be laconic and catchy; moreover it had to be apprehensible for the local people. My partner offered eMop: e- for electronic/online and you know what ‘mop’ is. Electronic mop at your service!

Unfortunately, the domain was occupied and we decided not to buy it out. We found .world, which seemed to be even more suitable for those who wanted to conquer the world. Time showed that we were mistaken. Domain extension matters for SEO and for the reputation of the company. wasn’t best for search engine optimisation and customers didn’t trust us. Obviously, we had to change the domain and became two years after.

So, we had the name and the proper domain, what’s next? How to connect the client and the cleaner digitally? Several IT components were necessary:

· A website where orders are placed

· Orders Management System

· Mobile app for the cleaners to receive their orders

· Mobile app for clients (with a distant aim in view)

Before you start to develop all the above mentioned you have to come up with an idea how to make it operate all together. My next post will tell you how we dealt with the problem. Subscribe and follow the news!

Julia Ponomareva

founder of eMop

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